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Thrifty Finds Tuesday

I love hitting local thrift shops and finding little treasures.  Like these vintage sewing notions:

IMG_2946 IMG_2934 IMG_2927This amazing drawer/tray that I have already filled up a million different ways in my mind:

IMG_2913This little wall plaque with art by Joan Walsh Anglund.  I loved her stuff when I was growing up.

joan walsh anglundThis high school memories book, published in… (drum roll) 1971 by Josten's… and can you believe it's never been written in?

IMG_2945IMG_2938IMG_2940And this bird plate.  I love the color scheme.  Plus it was only 49 cents!

IMG_2947This weekend I am hitting a B-I-G fun sale hopefully full of vintage fabric, notions and other craft stuff. Stop by tomorrow for a delish recipe for sausage cassorole.  Now that we are heading into baby/bridal shower season, it's nice to have something simple to whip up the night before.





  1. Amaaaazing finds!!! I love finding vintage trims! My problem is finding the heart to actually USE them. I just love looking at them! HAHAHA. :)

  2. Me too (-: but I better use them so I can get more!

  3. I love shopping at thrift stores too :) Right now I’m on a kick looking for old buttons to fill a big glass jar in my living room!

  4. Aren’t thrift stores the best! great finds!

  5. Ann Hayes-Bell says:

    Great finds Mal~ Next time you go, take me!

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