Make it Monday: Patriotic Pennant Tutorial

Patriotic Pennant 

Patriotic Pennant
This is a fun project + a great way to use up random embellishments, fabric scraps and old denim jeans (yours or your husband’s LOL).

Supplies:  Denim Jeans you’d like to upcycle, Canvas, Red + Navy Ticking (although you can use whatever!), Fabric/T-Shirt Transfer Paper, Victorian Fourth of July One by Piddix.  Sewing Machine or hand needle and thread, Fabric Tac, Wide Bias Tape, Embroidery Thread, Random Embellishments.  Pinking Shears (optional) or scissors.  Iron + Ironing Board.

Make yourself a template out of cardstock (mine is 5″ by 8″ by 8″).  Cut 6 triangles out of the jeans, 6 out of the Red Ticking and 6 from the Navy Ticking.

Sew your triangles into pennants.  I made a 1/2 border around the two long sides.

IMG_4353When you get to the edge of the pennant, to make a angle, leave your needle in, lift the foot, and pivot the fabric.

Download your graphics from Piddix and print on the T-Shirt Transfer paper (follow package instructions).  I cut the individual images out before transferring them to canvas.

IMG_4348This is when I figured out my images were backwards and than meant the writing was too!  I’m sure there’s a way to remedy this but I decided to dig into my embellishments stash.  You could also just print the images onto cardstock and sew or adhere them to your pennants.

Edited:  From Piddix on flipping images– For reverse printing, many printers have an option under layout for “flip horizontally.” 

I chose my four favorite images, cut them out with pinking shears and decided where to put them.

IMG_4351My pattern was red ticking/denim/navy ticking.


I embellished the images before sewing so I could see “where to sew” but you could sew the canvas to the pennants first.

I measured my mantle (ok when I say “measured” I mean I stretched my bias tape out on to figure out how long the project needed to be).  Then I pinned and sewed the pennants to the bias tape.  I also went over the project with my Fabri-Tac in hand to secure any loose spots.

That’s it!  I’m using this to decorate the house for Memorial Day and again for Fourth of July.

Patriotic Pennant




  1. Meredith Fane says

    Wow! This is an impressive piece of craftiness. I love how you figured out how to cover the backwards words with embellishments. Made it even cuter!

  2. says

    That is so adorable! I’m not at all crafty but I would totally hang that on my mantel! :)
    Dropping in from Tuesday Tag-Along. Now following your blog.

  3. says

    Super Cute! I love it and thanks for such a great tutorial!

  4. says

    I love it and thanks for the large pictures so I can see what it was you were doing. I’m here from the Tuesday blog hop and I am you newest follower. Come visit my blog and follow me, and leave a comment so I’ll know okay? Thanks. Great crafting.

  5. Rebecca Pleich says

    You are so talented. Thanks for making it easy for me the enter for super cute busy bag :-)

  6. Rebecca Pleich says

    Ok, now maybe you can help me learn to type…. I meant to say “making it easy for me to enter for the super cute busy bag….UG!

  7. says

    Oh my goodness!!!! So precious! I linked to your blog today with my fabulous prize!!! I’ll definitely be trying out recipes this summer, and continue to be very excited!! Thanks again! Looking forward to following along on your next blogging adventure.

  8. Ann says

    Hey Mal, I love your ideas. I love the chance to win a busy bee bag too. Perfect for summer trips in the car.

  9. says

    The images are from Piddix (
    These are from “Fourth of July 1″
    There are all kinds of fab images for sale there!

  10. Lisa says

    I love the Busy Kids Bags! What a great way for the kids to store their creative goods. It would be a great addition to a long road trip too!

  11. says

    Love the tutorial. Found you over at TCB. Your kids bags are super cute! Thanks for the chance to win one. I would have to order another as well…the kids would love them!!!

  12. says

    It’s true, sometimes it is ok to be a follower. I can’t believe ive missed so many crafty things!! I’m glad to be following!

  13. says

  14. says

    I’d like to see one done in a girly blue fabric, cause that’s what my daughter would want. But not too pale colored so that stray chalkmarks won’t show too much.

  15. says

    Love the denim and ticking. Reminds me of growing up at our cabin. Cut-offs every day!
    Would love for you to link up to Fab Finds for the Fourth. I’m hosting this Thursday and the following 2 Thursdays.

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