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Sometimes you are lucky enough to "meet" someone out there in Blogland that you really like– even though you've never actually met or spoken to each other.  That's how I feel about Aubrey from A Daily Obsession.  She's fun and creative and posts the most colorful projects.  You'll leave her blog with a hankering to whip up something wonderful. Today she's sharing her "how's to's" via the links to some of her projects. Without further ado… here's Aubrey:

Hi! I am Aubrey from A Daily Obsession and I am thrilled to be visiting on Yesterday on Tuesday and sharing a few of my favorite projects! You will notice a common theme–color.  I love, love things to be colorful and am slowly working on transforming our house from all white rooms to a riot of color. For now I am just adding splashes here and there. So here is a peek at a few of my favorite splashes of color in our house.

Thrifting 2010-04-04 001
Something that draws attention in our living room are these two brass lamps.  I spray painted light blue and topped with fabulous Liberty of London for Target shades. I had bought the lamps while thrifting and planned to paint them, and when I saw the lampshades at Target I knew exactly what color to use.  It took a little rigging to get the shades to fit, but I love my lamps.  They cast a nice glow and are just plain fun. Unrelated to the color, but they make a nice thunky noise when you pull the cord to turn the light on or off. Makes me feel like I have grown up lamps. 

Dot garland tutorial 2010-05-27 004
I think it may be genetic, but I like to decorate the banister of our hall stairs. My mom always decorated the stairs for every holiday. I am not that good, but I do like to have something brightening up the hall. I love my dotty garland, and I appreciate it every time I go up or down the stairs–which is about a million times a day. Just a collection of slightly wonky felt circles stitched together with a basting stitch. You can totally make one too! If you want to be holiday oriented, you could do red and green; or red, white, and blue; or red and pink. Or you could just go nuts and use all sorts of colors and figure that works almost all year (that's my theory at least!).  

Bunting 2010-05-04 009
In anticipation of my daughter Kaylee's first birthday party, I made bunting. I knew all along that probably I would like it too much to just use for birthdays, so I didn't add any wording. I was right, we haven't taken it down yet. It now decorates the bookshelves in the dining room in between birthdays. 

The nice thing about all of these projects is you can tone the colors down if that suits you better, or make is as funky and wild as you wish. Either way, you are making it yours and adding a little more fun to your home environment.

Thank you for the great ideas, Aubrey!  Be sure to visit Aubrey over at A Daily Obsession.  



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