Barn House Road Trip

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I'm back from a super fun day at the Barn House Flea Market in Battleground, WA.  The event was about a three hour drive from Seattle.  My Mom and I met up at 6:30 (!) am and make the trek south.  We were making great time until we got to Battleground.  There was a terrible accident on the main road and as a result, it was closed down.  We had to find a different way to get to there and it was quite a challenge. It took another hour to get to our destination and when we did– there was a endless line of cars ahead of us.

We had to park about a third of a mile away and hike in— uphill.  OK I'm kidding about the hiking but when you're wearing flip flops and carrying a bag of equipment, it feels like a hike.

Phew!  A sign of civilization.  I have so much to share with you that I'm just going to do a general overview of goodness post today.  Enjoy these pretty pictures!  I'm also posting over at Vintage Indie.  I will have more for you as the week goes on.







Beach In a Jar









Sewing Machine

Photo with Pearls

Thanks to all the vendors who let me take photos of their lovelies.  In alphabetical order:

Barn House

Lynne Gunderson

Kindred Roses

Maison Douce

Monticello Antiques


Worthy Goods

If I left out your shop– my apologies.  Email me your link and I'll add it.



  1. says

    Oh My Goodness!!!
    I want to be there!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your kind words. I love stalking your blog!!!

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    Ooooh….looks like a great event! Your photographs are beautiful! Can’t wait to hear about any treasures you may have found and couldn’t live without!
    Thanks for linking up to the Back to School blog hop. I’m considering starting a weekly hop and revamping it slightly. I’d love to have you participate and will keep you posted. Best, Jenn

  3. says

    I am so jealous! This looks like so much fun. I’ve always loved Battleground though. When we visit my husband’s family in Oregon, it’s our last stop before heading out of state for gas. I just don’t like having my gas pumped for me in Oregon, it makes me feel bad!

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    It was so nice to meet you at BarnHouse – and thank you for including Retreat in your post! We are looking forward to reading your post about the show on Vintage Indie, as well.

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    Oh I am so jealous – I wanted to go but since Nick got home the night before from France – well I didn’t think that would go over well. I do hope to get to spokane to visit friends the end of this month and will definitely check out the new Farm Chicks store. You are a wealth of info that I just love! Keep it up.

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