Rustic Fourth of July: Sparkler Take Aways

Rustic Fourth of July: Sparkler Take Aways

DIY Rustic Star Sparklers: how to transform plain sparklers and dollar store matches into festive star sparklers.

Hi There! I am working on some ideas for a “Rustic Fourth of July”… things that are inexpensive and easy to put together. Having a take away for your party guests is a festive touch for your celebration. And since it’s the Fourth of July– it’s the perfect time to glimmer and glow… with sparklers!

Part 1: Pretty Matches

Sparklers1 Supplies: Jumbo Matches from the Dollar Store (2 for $1). Scraps of printed paper, Modge Podge, paper cutter or scissors and cell bags. I found 16″ cello bags at Packaging Specialties.


Measure paper scraps to cover both sides of matches and adhere with Modge Podge.


If you want to take it a step further, embellish with background shapes from a paper punch and chipboard pieces.


Quick and easy!

Part 2: Tag It


Supplies: Shipping Tags (these are from Packaging Specialties but Office Max and Office Depot also sell shipping tags). Star Punch (from Martha Stewart), Rubber Stamps ($1 bin at Michaels and I have used them a zillion times). Twine, Ribbon or String.


Punch star shapes along the bottom edge.


And stamp a word just above it.

Step 3: Assemble It  Sparklers

Fireworks laws and availability differs from state to state and town to town. In my city, fireworks are sold at stands which open about a week before the fourth of July and close the day after. Only a small selection of fireworks are sold in grocery stores. I found these gold sparklers on the internet at  These are 14″ but they have a variety of sizes available. One nice thing about is I didn’t have to make a major purchase of 50 or 100+ boxes. Many places have high minimum orders.

Sparkle package

The fun part is putting it all together– Match Boxes + Sparklers + a little bit of fill + the Tag.


Simple, cheap and colorful!





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