St. Pat’s Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Is there a St. Pat's Day classroom/kid's party in your future? This is a treat that is fun for the children to make– and you can assist with the baking part! Kids find the idea of baking cupcakes inside ice cream cones irresistible.


Ingredients: To make the cupcakes, 1 package of cake mix (whatever favor you like) and 24 small flat bottom ice cream cones. To make the "top": 1 tub chocolate frosting, 18 crushed oreos for dirt (only the black part), XTremes Rainbow Berry Sour Candy (for the rainbow) and gold coin candy. You can also add a Shamrock pick to make them even more festive. These cupcake picks are by Wilton.


Directions: Follow the cupcake directions on the cake package (adding eggs, oil and water). Spoon into the ice cream cones, stopping about 1 inch from the top of the cone. Place cones in a cupcake tin to keep them straight and pop them in the oven. Follow baking directions on box. After your "cone cakes" cool off, spread a layer of chocolate frosting on top. Gentle dip the cone cakes into the oreo crumbs. Then add rainbow candy on top and tuck gold coin candy in on the side. Add shamrock picks if desired.


To keep the treats from jostling, place in small clear plastic cups.


These kid friendly treats will be the hit of any St. Pat's party! 

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  1. Jane Harrah says

    Another cutie patootie idea Malia. May make something like this for our next shoebox card swap! Thanks.

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