Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Easy Valentine's Day Breakfast with heart shaped biscuits and eggs #valentinesday
I wanted to share a simple Valentine’s Breakfast ideas and it’s pretty healthy to boot!
Valentine's Day Breakfast - YoT #valentinesday #valentinesdayfood #valentinesdaybreakfast #biscuits
 To make the Heart Biscuits, nab a roll of those biscuits in a tube from the grocery store. Take them out of the packaging and use a heart cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Tip– spray the cookie cutter with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Follow directions to bake.
To make the Heart Shaped Butter Pats, slice a tablespoon of butter from a stick of butter and use a tiny heart cookie cutter to make the shape.
Valentine's Day Breakfast - YoT #valentinesday #valentinesdayfood #valentinesdaybreakfast  #eggs
You can find heart pans like this one in the baking section of craft stores. Spray with Pam. To make these Heart Friendly Eggs, place a thin piece of turkey in the pan, Add whisked egg whites and a sprinkle of cheese on top. Bake at 400 for 10-15 minutes.
Valentine's Day Breakfast - YoT #valentinesday #valentinesdayfood #valentinesdaybreakfast #breakfastsandwich
You can enjoy separately, or combine eggs and biscuit for a tasty breakfast sandwich.



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    Oh my goodness Malia!! I am so making these for my family for Valentine’s day – I have to get the muffin tin, it’s going on my list to buy today! The little heart shaped butters are so cute too! Thanks for sharing – it’s always great to get a new holiday breakfast idea!!

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