Ombre Neon Striped Tote

Ombre Neon Striped Tote

 Hello… I hope everyone had a great weekend! I want to share a REALLY easy project with you. I used neon orange textile paint but any fabric paint would work. This is pretty inexpensive and it’s another great reminder that sometimes the simplest supplies work the best!

Neon Ombre Striped Tote

 This is also a project that the kids could make and get great results from!

Ombre Neon Striped Tote Supplies

Supplies: Cotton Tote Bag (this one is around $3), DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint (this is my fave white fabric paint), Jacquard Textile Paint in Fluorescent Orange, a spouncer or foam brush and plain old masking tape. You’ll also want cardboard to put inside. Also, if you have a yardstick or tape measure, that can be really helpful too. You’ll also need 3 paper plates for mixing paint.

My craft supplies came from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame. Love them!

Ombre Neon Striped Tote Tape

Step 1: Put the cardboard inside the bag to prevent the paint from coming through.

Step 2: Measure where you want to place your stripes. My stripes were each 2″ thick with 3″ of  blank space between them. I used the masking tape to actually tape the bag to my workspace– I went past the edges of the bag. This keeps the bag stable while you’re working on it.

Neon Ombre Striped Tote Painting

Images are clockwise, starting in the upper left hand corner)

Step 3: Paint the bottom stripe with your paint color… don’t add any while fabric paint. Let it dry and add a second coat.

Step 4: On a separate plate, mix the orange paint with some white paint. Make enough to do at least two coats. If you are worries about it drying out on the plate between coats, you can put a piece of plastic wrap on top. Paint two coats, allowing drying time between applications.

Step 5: On the last plate, mix your color with lots of white paint until you get desired shade. Repeat Step #4. 

Step 6: When paint is completely dry (I would let it set overnight), gently remove the masking tape.

Neon Ombre Striped Tote Bag

Enjoy your new tote bag!  

Neon Ombre Striped Tote











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    I heart this so much! I love the look of ombre anything, and a girl can never have too many totes! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I’m all over this! Stopping by from Hoyby Crafts, yor newest follower!
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