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Yesterday on Tuesday's Featured Reader

Hello! I am thrilled to introduce a new feature: Reader Spotlight. Each month I will be interviewing a Yesterday on Tuesday pal who makes blogging a joy for me. This month I want to introduce you to Crystal N. She really is the kind of blog friend that brings sunshine and rainbows into your day. Crystal is so kind and encouraging with her comments. Sometimes when I’m having a “no-good-terrible-very-bad-day”– I’ll magically get a comment from Crystal and it turns my frown upside down! Read on to learn more about Crystal.

Yesterday on Tuesday's Featured Reader

All About Crystal

Malia: Tell us about yourself… do you have kids? Ages?

Crystal: I live in Houston, TX, with my wonderful husband, Brian, whom I’ve been married for 22 years. We have two daughters: Brooke, Sophomore at Sam State University studing nursing; and Ashley, a Junior in high school. I homeschooled both of them for all their school days. It has been the biggest blessing!

Malia: Do you have a blog?

Crystal: I don’t have a blog because I’m really not creative on my own. I’m creative when it comes to kids crafts and teaching, but that’s it. I get all my ideas from you and the other wonderfully creative ladies that blog. If it wasn’t for you, then I would be searching for the perfect idea and never finding it. (Editors Note: I doubt that, Crystal!) I have really enjoyed learning that I can create beautiful things and that they are exactly what I want without having to settle for something store bought that may not be exactly what I wanted. Also, your blog gives me wonderful ideas how to decorate my house. I finally have figured out my style which is “Crystal’s unique style.” My family loves that it is unique and not cookie cutter.

Having Fun

Malia: What do you like to do for fun?

Crystal: My whole family are huge TV/movie fans. We own over 300+ DVD’s and stuff on Apple TV (my husband’s newest and favorite toy). I love to use phrases or lines from movies in my daily life. It is fun for us to figure out where it comes from. My favorite shows are Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement, Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, NCIS Los Angelas, Mentalist, Duck Dynasty, Hart of Dixie and America’s Funniest Videos. 

I love playing games, especially card games like spades, hearts, Phase 10, Growing up, my favorite family memories are of us all playing cards together. When ever my grandparents came to visit, my grandpa would play Crazy Eights or Screwy Louie with us while we waited for the bus to come before school. Whenever my parents and us are together, we have game marathons where we will play til 2 am every night. I play Bunco once a month which is so much fun. I never win, but I love laughing with other women and having a great time.

Crafty Love

Malia: What types of crafts etc do you like?

Crystal: Any type of crafts, except I havent gotten into “building” big things. I like crafts that are accessories to the home, gifts, etc. I started out with stamping cards, bags, wrapping paper, tags, etc. I then got into scrapbooking which is so fun, but it costs a lot of money until I started digital scrapbooking which I’m now addicted! My friend and I get together every couple of months on a Saturday and do nothing but eat and scrapbook. So much fun!. Since I started reading blogs a year ago, I have been empowered and encouraged to take on other creative projects.

Yesterday on Tuesday's Featured Reader

Malia: What’s the favorite thing you’ve made?

Crystal: My favorite project is actually my favorite room. I stenciled my wall in my office/school room. I also printed out the prints in the two frames. Also, I recovered two canvas art prints that I had hanging in my kitchen. I love how the room turned out. I even made storage bins out of cereal boxes and tea boxes for the inside of my desk. I also sanded and painted the bookshelf. I wish I would have taken before pictures of the room. You wouldn’t have believed the difference. 

Malia: What crafts you’ve always wanted to try

Crystal: Jewelry making, sewing, distressing furniture and using a Silhouette (which should be coming this week- Yay!)

Have Craft, Will Snack

Malia: Snacks you must have while crafting?

Crystal: Definitely Diet Dr. Pepper other than that it depends on my mood whether I’m feeling something sweet or salty. My snacks can include: Cheez It Snack mix, Cheetos, Smoothies,  Reese’s Puffs, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, if I’m feeling healthy than Nutella on graham crackers, anything chocolate. I’m definately a chocoholic!

Free Day

Malia: If you had a day to do whatever you want what would it be?

Crystal: Scrapbooking while watching Big Bang Episodes or Rules of Engagement Episodes or laying on a tropical beach reading a mystery. I’m a huge Ted Dekkar fan.


Malia: Favorite movie?

Crystal: Twister and Doris Day’s Pillow Talk

Retail Therapy

Malia: Favorite store?

Crystal: That’s a hard one….my favorites are Hobby Lobby, Target, and Home Goods Store

Favorite Blogs

Malia What are your favorite blogs?

Crystal: Yesterday on Tuesday, A Pumpkin and a Princess, Chase the Star, Create Craft Love, A Night Owl, I Heart Organizing, A Bowl Full of Lemons, Ask Anna, I Should Be Mopping the Floor, Eighteen25, Lil’ Luna, Practically Functional, The Idea Room, Or So She Says, etc. There are so many that I like. I’m a blogaholic!


Malia: What’s your favorite song?

Crystal: I don’t have a favorite song, but I do have favorite singer/groups: Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Lady Antebellum, Mariah Carey,Group 1 Crew, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Madonna (early years). I definitely dated myself… I can’t believe I actually admitted that I listen to some of these!

Words of Wisdom

Malia: Favorite saying/words of wisdom?

Crystal: My motto for this year is; Let Go! Let God! It pretty much sums it all up. I had a really tough time with my daughter leaving for college and knowing that my youngest is right behind her and husband hating his job. Thankfully, my husband got a new job in May and loves it! My other words of wisdom come from my mom who taught me to laugh even in the midst of the storm.

When I had a stroke at the young age of 39, my family was there for me and helped me through by remembering all the good times and the funny times. You see, I lost most of my memory. Alot of it has come back thankfully, but them retellng and looking at photos helped me to remember. Even now, my mom says atleast I can never be blamed for not remembering since I have a good excuse which makes me smile and laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Crystal, and for being so fantabulous!

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