Disney Fairy Treasure Hunt

My daughter and I are so excited about the all-new Tinker Bell movie! We wanted to celebrate with a special fairy activity. We decided to do a DIY Fairy Treasure Hunt to get us in the mood for “The Pirate Fairy” movie, which looks like a wonderful adventure.

Tinker Bell Movie

Speaking of adventures, fairies always seem to be going on them. So when they’re home from their adventures and back in Pixie Hollow. they need certain items in their “fairy habitats.” Here’s a fun Fairy Treasure Hunt activity that kids can do as a warm up before watching the new movie, or for any fairy-themed party.

The first thing you need to do is to create a list of items each child will need to find for the Fairy Treasure Hunt. I just made one on the computer with free graphics from The Graphics Fairy. You could also use the free version PicMonkey to make your own.

Tinker Bell Movie

I used some free graphics and flower stickers to make a list of things the kiddos had to collect:

Birdies: In case the fairy needs a ride to travel a long distance

Coins: Always handy (and shiny)

Critters: Good company

Feathers: For playing and keeping the habitat cozy

Flowers: To make the jar feel homey

Keys: You never know what they’ll unlock

Treats: In case the fairy gets hungry

Fairy Trinkets

 Then I made handwritten clues to guide the kids around the backyard to find all these items. 

Each kid got their own empty Mason Jar. I decorated empty Mason Jars (large enough for a fairy to comfortable fit). To make it special, I added each fairies name as well as some ribbon and a gem.

Empty Fairy Jar

The children had to go around as a group and find the items. Then after they found them all, I sprinkled glitter in their jars (aka fairy dust). For the grand finale, each child got “their” own fairy, including…

Tinker Bell





And Rosetta. It was a ton of fun! And speaking of fun:

Disney Pirate Fairy

You can buy Disney’s ” The Pirate Fairy“… from the world of Peter Pan!  Own It On Blu-ray™ and Digital HD Apr 1.

Check out Disney Fairies Facebook Page too.





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