6 Flower Projects for Spring

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6 Flower Projects for Spring

Spring has officially SPRUNG! It’s the perfect time to take a cue from all the gorgeous flowers outside and add some beautiful blooms to your home decor.

Flower Projects for Spring

 Here are some quick and easy floral projects.

Flower Cupcakes

Flower Projects for Spring

 These simple Flower Cupcakes would be perfect for Easter, a garden party or any spring celebration!

Ingredients: Cupcakes, frosting, large marshmallows, Rainbow Sugar (ours is from The Gourmet Baking Co) and Candy Pearls (ours are from SweetWorks) both available from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.

Directions: Make and frost cupcakes. Cut three large marshmallows diagonally with kitchen scissors. Dredge in rainbow sugar. Add to frosting to make petals. Place seven candy pearls in the center to create a flower.

Spring Jars

Flower Projects for Spring

 Usher in Spring with a welcome sign! Bonus: remove the letters PRING when summer rolls around, and add the letters UMMER to use the Jar Sign for the next season!

Supplies: Small glass jars (ours are by Sierra Pacific Crafts). We used one in each color: pink, yellow, blue, orange, green and violet. Glass beads (also from Sierra Pacific Crafts) in green, blue and yellow, six flower pinwheels and letter stickers. All craft items from  from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.

Directions: Just add glass beads to jars and insert pinwheels. Place letter stickers on top of jars. 

Spring Shadowbox

Flower Projects for Spring

Whether you want to show off photos of your kids or grandkids… or the bounty from your garden, a Spring Shadowbox is a wonderful way to display them.

Supplies: Wooden Tray (ours is from Sierra Pacific Crafts), two twelve by twelve pieces of patterned scrapbook paper (ours is from Simple Stories, hemp rope from Canvas Crafts, small birdhouse, three birdies (are are from Touch of Nature), drift wood piece (Sierra Pacific Crafts), moss (the Moss Collection), paint (Coral Blush by DecoArt Americana), small clothespins (Amy Tangerine), and a faux plant. You’ll also need scissors and a ruler (or paper cutter), double sided tape and hot glue. All craft items from from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.


1. Paint the birdhouse in Coral Blush and set aside.

2. Adhere a large piece of patterned paper with double sided tape. Measure and cut out two smaller pieces of paper (two pieces at four by six inches) and add to tray.

3. Now for the fun part, play with the birdhouse, birds, moss, driftwood etc until the scene makes you smile and then use hot glue to adhere.

4. Cut a fourteen inch piece of help rope and use hot glue to adhere to inner side of box, about three and a half inches down from the top of the box.

5. Add clothespins and photos.

Painted Vase

Flower Projects for Spring

 Infuse a simple glass vase with a happy color and bright bloom!

Supplies: Plain glass vase (ours is from Darice), acrylic paint (Bright Yellow by Americana), Sculpey Oven Bake Clay, Flower Silicone Mold from Martha Stewart Crafts, E-6000 glue or hot glue. All craft supplies from from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond. You’ll also need paper towels and a surface you don’t mind possibly getting paint on… I used an old cookie tray with wax paper on it and a glass baking dish.


1. Clean and dry inside of vase.

2. Pour paint inside, swirl around and turn upside down until interior is covered.

3. Place vase upside down on top of paper towels (which would be placed on your surface you don’t mind getting paint on). Check on it every ten or so minutes and move it so the paint drains out and there’s not a big mess underneath.

4. When the paint stops draining, place the vase right side up and let the paint continue to dry.

5. Using the Sculpey clay, make a large ball and put it in the flower mold. Press down and then remove.

6. Place flower in glass baking dish in the oven for fifteen minutes on 275 degrees.

7. Remove from oven and let it cool off.

8. Attach flower to vase with E-6000 or hot glue.

For decorative use only (great for faux flowers). If you want to use the vase for real flowers with water etc, paint the outside instead of the inside.

Flower Basket 

Flower Projects for Spring

 This Flower Basket is perfect for a mini picnic on your patio or for add some color to your home decor.

Supplies: Basket, faux flower pick, ribbon and hot glue. All craft items from from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.

Directions: Attach flower pick to basket using hot glue. Add ribbon.

Pretty House Numbers 

Flower Projects for Spring

Give your door or address numbers  a little makeover with these Pretty House Numbers.

Supplies: Decorative Plate (ours is from Sierra Pacific Crafts), wooden numbers, acrylic paint (Coral Blush from Americana), scrapbook paper (Simple Stories), scissors, a pencil double sided tape and hot glue. The Frame Department at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond can add a hanger to the back for you for a small fee. All craft items from from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.


1. Place the “wrong” side of the scrapbook paper on the plate and rub with pencil until you see the inner shape.

2. Paint numbers and let dry.

3. Carefully cut it out and use double sided tape to adhere to front of plate.

4. When numbers are dry, use hot glue to attach to plate.

5. Add hanger on back (or better yet, have Ben Franklin do it for you).

Happy Spring!



  1. Crystal says

    Love the house numbers. How fun and spring-like. Also, love the flower basket which could also be a great gift. Love it!!


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