How to Organize Sprinkles

How to Organize Sprinkles

Tips for Organizing SprinklesHello Friend. I’m psyched to be here with you for another Home Tips Tuesday! WOO HOO. Together we’re tackling stuff around the house and making our lives easier… one tip at a time!

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By the way, this project was originally posted at Uncommon Designs, where I’m a contributor. I’m a big fan of Trish and Bonnie! OK… Let’s dive in. With bake sale season here, it’s the perfect time to organize the items that make your baked goods pretty… sprinkles!

How to Organize Sprinkles

My own sprinkles were a total mess. Lots of bottles of varying sizes. Some full. Some empty. And all of them hard to find.

How to Organize Sprinkles

I needed some printable labels. I asked my friend Printabelle to help me design a set of labels that could work  with just about any size bottle or tub. If you don’t already know Printabelle, she is awesome! Visit her for all kinds of fabulous party printables.

Organizing Sprinkles

Supplies: 1 1/2 inch circle punch, sheet of sticker paper or white card stock, Glue Dots (if using card stock) and scissors. You’ll also need something to organize the sprinkles in. I used a silverware holder, but a small wooden box or even a shoe box would also work.

Step 1: Save this Sprinkles Printable to your desk top and print on a sheet of sticker paper. You can also print it out on a sheet of white card stock and use Glue Dots to adhere the labels.

How to Organize Sprinkles

Step 2: Use a 1 1/2 inch circle punch and scissors for the labels you need.

How to Organize Sprinkles

Step 3: Put the labels on the bottles.

How to Organize Sprinkles

Step 4: Last but not least, put them in the utensil holder/shoebox/wooden box.

Do you hear the angels singing? That’s the sound of organization!

See you next week for another edition of Home Tips Tuesday.



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    Yippee! I can usually keep my sprinkles organized but with grandkids adn a teen baker in the house, not so easy! Another tip that will be very useful. Linda


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