Valentine Candy Frame

Valentine Candy Frame

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the people that you love. I think it’s the best occasion there is for kids to get crafty and create charming handmade gifts for family and friends

Valentine Candy Frame, an easy kid's craft gift idea from

When it comes to kid’s crafts, it’s so important for the projects to be things that the youngsters can do and feel good about. That’s why this Valentine Candy Frame is one of my favorite projects. Even fairly young kids can paint the frame. And using candy as an embellishment is just one idea. Stickers, pens, paper punches… kids could use just about anything you have on hand to decorate the frame.

Valentine Candy Frame

Supplies: Wooden Frame (readily available at any craft store), acrylic paint, a foam paintbrush, package of large conversation hearts and glue dots. Note: regular glue will melt the candy!

Step 1: Child paints the frame.

Step 2: Child applies glue dots to the candy and places candy on the frame.

Step 3: Child adds photo.

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