Free DIY Supplies from the Grocery Store

9 Free DIY Supplies from the Grocery Store

Nine FREE DIY Supplies you can score at the grocery store! Talk about a deal!

Next time you’re picking up food at the grocery store, pause and put the brakes on your shopping cart. Take a fresh look around with a different focus. Get your “DIY” goggles on and you’ll start seeing all those “grocery store staples” {the stuff that just comes with the items you’re buying} and how they can be used for TONS of DIY projects! Here are nine of my favorites. {Note: these are things you either get for free with your purchase OR you can ask the store manager if it’s ok for you to grab a few}.

9 Free DIY Supplies from the Grocery Store

1. Berry Baskets: Both the thin balsa wood version and the green plastic versions of berry baskets are awesome for all sorts of projects. Paint the wood basket, line it with wax paper and fill it up with treats. Or make it into a recipe box.

Berry Basket

Another idea– wrap up a present in a plastic berry basket in a dishtowel for a stylish gift idea.

2. Boxes: Cut up thick or thin cardboard boxes, punch holes in them and use binder rings to make a book. Cover the pages with paper, fill with them photos, memories, journaling… anything! This is a great project for kids too.

Cardboard Box Book

3. Cardboard Cups: Many grocery stores have bakeries and/or coffee shops inside (Starbucks and others). Those cardboard coffee cups are great for organizing.

Cardboard Cups for Organizing

4. Cardboard Cup Holders: And the cup holders are useful too. I painted a rectangle of chalkboard paint on one, filled it with school supplies and gave it to a teacher as a back-to-school present.

Recycling a cardboard tray and coffee cups

5. Coffee Stirrers: The simple wooden coffee stirrer can be used to hold small signs and sentiments. Place in a jar of candy and voila, you’ve got a cute gift that works for just about anyone!

DIY Sign

6. Egg Cartons: My local grocery store actually has brand new egg cartons stacked up by the local egg section so you can pick your own eggs. Although I LOVE eggs, I’m even more interested in the egg cartons and all the cool things you can do with them. For example, making an organizer for those Bits & Pieces we all seem to have.

Egg Carton Organizer

7. Paper Bags:  There are many ways to reuse your brown paper grocery bags. One delightful way is to shred them and use them to create faux bird’s nests. They make a sweet {and CHEAP or cheep} spring table display.

DIY Bird's Nest

8. Plastic Containers: Those small plastic takeout containers are absolutely perfect for painting and/or mixing paint. Bonus– use the lid to keep paint fresh when you’re working on a project.

Cheap painting tips

9. Rubber Bands: The large, thick rubber bands that often come with produce are great for crafting. If you’re painting something that takes a few coats {or decoupaging}, cover the brush with some plastic wrap and fasten with a rubber band. It stays fresh for hours– even overnight! It keeps your workspace neater too.

Painting Tip

Here’s to fun and frugal DIY-ing!

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