5 Smart Reasons to Food Garden and Can

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5 Smart Reasons to Food Garden and Can

Growing your own fruits and vegetables, and then canning them, is smart (and fun) for so many reasons!

5 Smart Reason to Food Garden and Can

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1. Prevents Food Waste: According to a *recent study, nearly three quarters (that’s 71%) of gardeners share their harvest! That means fresh fruit and veggies being gifted to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The trend is for food gardeners to use and save what they need… and then share the rest of their bounty with others.

2. Saves Money: Buying fruit and vegetables out of season can be expensive. That may be one reason why food gardeners preserve theirs! The study shows that fifty one percent (51%) say preserving saves money. Forty percent (40%) of gardeners plan to preserve half or more of the food they grow this season and 44% freeze it for later use.

3. You Know Where Your Food is Coming From: When you grow and can your own produce, you have firsthand knowledge of everything that went into planting, growing and harvesting that food. As a matter of fact, (54%) of those surveyed like to know exactly what is in their food.

Gardeners growing food are most likely to grow vegetables (86%), followed by herbs (60%) and fruit (50%), according to the research.

4. Requires a Limited Amount of Space: Food gardeners don’t need a huge amount of land to grow their food. Something as simple as a raised bed in the yard or even a window box is perfect for food gardening. That means whether you live in a rural area– or a big city, you can grow your own food!

5. Great Activity for all Ages: People of all ages can garden and can. As a matter of fact, showing kid the process of growing their own food can be a great educational experience. Kids can also help with some aspects of canning (with adult supervision) teaching them a valuable life skill. Another fun fact from the research– thirty three percent (33% ) of gardeners are millenials… proof that the tradition of growing and canning food is still going strong.

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*Source for Research: ORC International on behalf of the Jarden Home Brands, makers of Ball® home canning products.


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