7 Cool DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

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7 Cool DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

7 Cool DIY Gifts for Father's Day including a Man Cave Sign, Grilling Apron, You Rock frame and more

Celebrate Dad and Grandpa on Father’s Day with a handmade and heartfelt gift they’ll love. All these fabulous craft supplies are from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.

DIY Grill Master Apron

For the Dad who loves to Barbecue: DIY Grill Master Apron

Supplies: Canvas apron, Grill Master Iron On Vinyl from Decorating Your Life, fabric markers.

1. Following package instructions, iron on the Grill Master vinyl.

2. Decorate the pocket with the fabric markers.

DIY Dad's Desk Caddy

For the Organized Dad: Dad’s Desk Caddy

Supplies: Wooden desk caddy, Folk Art Wood Tint in Cascade, #1 Dad Vinyl from Decorating Your Life

1. Paint the wood tint on the wood.

2. Following package instructions, apply the vinyl.

World's Best Dad Frame

For the Dad who likes woodworking: World’s Best Dad Frame

Supplies: wood frame, wood burning tool, Folk Art Wood Tint in Grey.

1. Paint the frame grey.

2. Use the wood burning tool to write “World’s Best Dad.”

You Rock Frame

For the Outdoorsy Dad: Your Rock Frame

This project was inspired by Morena Hockley’s DIY Rocky Picture Frame. Check out her votive tutorial too!

Supplies: Wood frame, Folk Art Wood Tint in Walnut, rocks, craft glue or hot glue and letter stickers, white cardstock.

1. Paint the frame in walnut.

2. Glue rocks on the frame.

3. Trim a piece of scrapbook paper to fit into the frame and add letter stickers.

Let's Play Game Box, a great gift for Father's Day

For the Dad who likes camping: Let’s Play Box

Supplies: Clear plastic box, marbles, dice and letter stickers.

Fill the box with dice and marbles. Add letter stickers.

DIY Clay Bowl for Father's Day

For the Seahawks Fan Dad: DIY Clay Bowl

Supplies: FIMO Clay in Emerald and Blue, a small bowl, a rolling pin, something sharp like a wooden skewer, and a drinking glass.

1. Roll the blue clay out.

2. Mold the blue clay around the bowl.

3. Roll a small piece of green clay out. Cut circle shape with a drinking glass.

4. Write Dad in the green clay with skewer.

5. Follow package directions to bake.

DIY Man Cave Sign

For the Dad with a Man Cave: Man Cave Sign

Supplies: Wood sign piece, Man Cave wood piece, Americana Decor Paint in Deep Midnight Blue, and Americana Decor Paint in Bright Orange, hot glue.

1. Paint the sign orange and let it dry.

2. Paint the “Man Cave” words navy and let it dry.

3. Glue the words on the sign.

DIY Device Stand

For the Techie Dad: DIY Device Stand

Supplies: wooden stand, scrapbook paper (we used Team Dad from Echo Park), Americana Decor Paint in Deep Midnight Blue, and Americana Decor Paint in Bright Orange, a paper trimmer and glue.

1. Paint the base of the wood piece blue and the smaller piece orange.

2. Trim the paper to fit on the larger piece and attach with tape.

3. Fit larger piece and smaller piece together.

Happy Father’s Day!


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