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Life Well Lived: My 6 Favorite Beauty Tools

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

Audrey Hepburn


 Hi Friends! This post is part of the BlogHer Life Well Lived series. I get to write about my favorite beauty tools. Woo Hoo! When it comes to beauty, I'm drugstore with a dash of department store.

Here are my 6 Favorite Beauty Tools:

1)Cetaphil: It's not flashy… but it's not irritating either. I wash my face with good old Cetaphil at least 2x a day. It's very gentle and paired a good washcloth– it gets the job done!

2)Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Lotion: Acne? Check. Wrinkles? Check. I need a face lotion that won't make my situation "worse" LOL. This lotion does the trick.

3)MAC Makeup: I've been using MAC since the early 1990's. When I worked at the local CBS TV station, it's what all the female anchors used. Even though I couldn't really afford it– I felt like good makeup was worth the money. I've been a fan ever since. Current favorite product: MAC Cremesheen Glass in "Over Indulgence." It's a light browny-peach color and works great for running around and ferrying kids. Just enough color to show I made an effort.

4)Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: Cheap. Effective. Preppy pink and green packaging. Love it.

5)A FlatIron: My hair is really wavy. Depending on how much time I have in the morning (and whether or not it's raining– in which case, there's no point) I will straighten my hair. This was a drugstore purchase.

6)A Sense of Humor: I'm in my 40's. I don't look 20 and I'm ok with that. I like to tell myself that as my skin has thinned out my "dimple" (ok it's more like a cheek crease) has gotten deeper. That sums up my feeling about the aging process. 

 Visit the main post on BlogHer and join me in the comments. More beauty tool favorites on this post. Don't forget to enter the Life Well Lived Sweepstakes! GOOD LUCK!


Sophie Update

Many of you have kindly asked how our puppy Sophie is doing. Sophie at 8 weeks:


And here she is now… about 14 weeks old: 

Sophie is a happy puppy who enjoys chasing the cat, getting loves and stealing socks.

In short– she's a ton of work and a ton of joy!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.




Beautiful Banners via Canvas Corp

Hi Friends! Canvas Corp recently sponsored a Banner Contest.

Here are the winners:

Blessed, Melissa Waterbury
First Place: "Blessed" by Melissa Waterbury

Second Place: "Let's Spoon" by Cassie Box

FlashcardBanner, Malia Karlinsky
Third Place: "School Banner" HOLD THE PHONE– it's a humbled and thrilled Yours Truly.

Thanks to Canvas Corp, the contest judges and Jenn Luce from Canvas Corp + Redberry Barn.  

Check out the Canvas Corp FB page and the Redberry Barn Blog to see more incredibly creative banners and craftiness.

Keep Calm and Banner On!


Red + Blue Valentine’s Day Brunch

Hi… our family celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday with a simple brunch. It was so much fun, maybe we'll do it again tonight for dinner!


Heart shaped French toast courtesy of a cookie cutter.

 Cutting a "v" in the tops of strawberries…

transforms them into hearts.

 Strawberries and blueberries for a first course.

A little rosemary pIant is thriving in an old flower pot with a fresh coat of red chalkboard paint, creating a Valentine's Day centerpiece.

 Back in the kitchen… combining milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond extract to dip the bread into.

A panini grill is great for making french toast too.

This thrift store china mixed with some old Williams-Sonoma dishes (the checkerboard with hearts) make a good red and blue background.

My littlest Valentine.

 We ate our way through an entire loaf of bread hearts.

And used a mug from our regular dishes for syrup. You can never have too much syrup. 


Handmade valentines are the best.

But a trip to Watson Kennedy by my hubby and Max was pretty wonderful too.

Happiest of Valentine's Days to Everyone!

Linking Up.



My Fam on ABC News

I'm interrupting my regular blogpost today… 

My family was on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer last night.

Seattle's been struck with an icy cold snap and the city's been at a standstill.

My husband, MIL and 5 year old were stuck in the snowy traffic for 6 hours:

This is a Mommy speaking but I think my daughter is pretty funny.

They're home now!


Goat-ing for It

I had the best playground growing up– my backyard. We lived on a farm with horses, pastures and… a goat.

This is my brother and I with Cinnamon. Cinnamon was quite regal, with high cheekbones and a long face. If she had been wearing a string of pearls and a hat, it would not have seemed out of place.

Cinnamon had personality to spare. She had a mad crush on my Dad, could eat anything (and not gain a pound) and she loved being scratched between the horns.

Thanks to my friendship with Cinnamon and later "Baaabs" (our other goat) I became a goat girl. Goats are so cool!

Anyway, here's a fun story from my favorite ABC correspondent (and husband) Neal Karlinsky about goats for rent: 

Hope this story make you smile.


Makia Creations

Hi, Have you heard of Makia?


The Thankful Kit and Turkey Kit

Using kits from Makia Creations, you can create fun craft projects in a jiffy. These products perfect for crafty parties and gatherings.  And there are three great incentives if you host a party. When you host a craft group and 10 kits or more are ordered you get:

*a free craft kit

*free shipping and

*your friends get the preferred (reduced) price  

Check out the cuteness…


Christmas Countdown Calendar


Christmas Subway Art

These are great gift items too.  I'm really excited because I won three "Thankful" kits from Makia through Holly and her fantastic blog, 504 Main. Holly is one of my very favorite people on the internet. She's a fantastic, authentic writer (she makes me laugh) and she blogs about all sorts of things– crafts and decorating, but also stuff that's happening in her life which I can relate to. If you haven't visited her Tickled Pink party (on Fridays) you should. Hope you check out Makia too.

Thanks Makia and Thanks Holly!




Yet another reason to love fall…  This is THE time of the year to find the most delicious apples.  I'm a major apple fan.  I eat at least one a day and reach for an apple any time anyone in my family has a queasy tummy. I've "picked" some cute apple related things I've recently found in Blogland to share with you:

Apple Candy Cupcakes from Cute as a Fox

 Apple Votives from Martha Stewart 

Fluffy Apple Muffin Recipe from Clean Mama

Apple Prints from Martha Stewart

Shrunken Head Apples from Family Fun

Super Slow Cran-Apple Butter Recipe from Mommie Cooks

   Recycled Plastic Bottle Apple Boxes from Creative Jewish Mom

Happy Friday!


Weekend Report

Hi Friends!  How's your weekend going?  Busy in a good way?  Me too.  Today I'm going to a class on soldering with my cute friend Amy S.  Do you remember the movie Flashdance?  BEST movie ever.  Well, the dancing was good.


The main character Alex was a Welder by Day, Dancer by Night.  Here's what I'm envisioning for class this morning:


I'm cracking myself up.  As my father-in-law Arnie used to say, "Only a fool laughs at their own jokes." Guilty!  Yesterday, my pal Rebecca and I want to "Petite Retreat" on Camano Island.  


Just a tiny taste of all the gorgeousness at the show.  Isn't my friend Rebecca so darling too?  


While we were there, I met a new sweet friend and she has a blog too.  I'll be sharing more about Ilsa soon. And speaking of sweet, Deb Kennedy– half of the team behind Petite Retreat– is the sweetest. I loved hearing her chit chat with every one of her guests in her warm, friendly way.  This girl knows how to work a hat too.  I always feel inspired by her outfits.  


On the way back from our adventure, Rebecca and I stopped at McDonald's and got something to go.  I don't eat at the golden arches too much so it was an unfortunate coincidence that the hubby and I watched Supersize Me last night. The movie has been out for a few years but it's still very timely… and scary!


That's my weekend report.  I'd love to hear what you're up to.  Hugs, Malia