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How to transform a mint tin into a cute business card holder! Awesome and free hack and great recycling/upcycling idea.
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Printable Mason Jar Watercolor Tags: Just print and paint, great for gifts or for Valentine's Day presents


How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

How to Clean Dog's Ears

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears with Stuff You Have If you have a dog, you know they sometimes need a little "help" with their grooming. My golden retriever, Sophie, is quite active (as in she loves going into the lake and rolling in mud). After her adventures, I noticed there would be an unpleasant odor around her ear area... like the smell of mold in a bathroom. Not a good scent. So I asked the vet what I could do to … [Read more...]

40+ Ways Clean Everything

How to Clean Everything

Have you caught the cleaning bug this spring? I find myself looking for small pockets of time that I can spend tidying up. Here are 40+ Ways to Clean Everything. I gathered some of my favorite posts from YOU fabulous friends who link up at Project Inspire{d}, the party I co-host with  Cupcakes and Crinoline, The Silly Pearl and An Extraordinary Day each week. 40+ Ways to Clean Everything  General Cleaning Glass … [Read more...]

DIY Cleaning Products

Frugal Cleaning Supplies.

DIY Cleaning Products Up until recently, the idea of the thought of making my own cleaning and laundry supplies seemed complicated and overwhelming. But after a little research and a LOT of experimenting, I’ve discovered making your own cleaning supplies can be easy, fun and a great way to save money. Glass Cleaner: Use on windows and mirrors. Supplies: white vinegar, blue generic brand dish soap and … [Read more...]

6 Surprising Secret Stain Busters

6 Surprising Secret Stain Busters - #yesterdayontuesday #cleaningtips #stainremovaltips

  Whether it’s tarnished silver or stained coffee cups, common household stains are a fact of life… but-- they don’t have to be!  I want to share with you some surprising stain busting secrets and the unexpected products that get the get results. Note: When trying these products at home, always, test an inconspicuous area first.   Tarnished Silver: If your silverware is looking tarnished, the solution can be found in … [Read more...]