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Five For Friday

Hi Friends!  Here's a random assortment of five things I'm into right now.  

And I do mean random.

Peach lusterware

I have an accidental collection of Fire King Lusterware.  It happened like this:  I was at the Value Village making my usual rounds and I saw the Lusterware.  I got all dizzy in the head and next thing I knew, I was at home admiring it's iridescent beauty.  Oops!  



I just really like them.  I can eat a bowl by myself.


Ecos Laundry Detergent works well and it's not harmful to the environment.  It makes doing the laundry a pleasure (except the folding part).


I'm totally digging this display thingy I have going with a bird's nest I found + a cheese plate + a vintage cake stand.


 This flower just started blooming in my yard.  What a nice surprise!  It looks like a hibiscus… it is possible?  What are you into right now?  I'll love to know!  BIG Hug!  Malia