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My Wonderful World of Friends + Fashion

Do you ever feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends in your life?

I am feeling it BIG time.  These pals have been my BFF's for twenty years (along with a MUCH missed 4th BFF who couldn't make it last night).  We all went to college together and once we were in the same city, started a "Dinner Club" (basically an excuse to go to a different restaurant each month).  

We've been together through countless relationships, numerous jobs, 4 marriages, 7 kids, major dramas and minor calamities.  But the trademark of the Dinner Club is laughter.  We laugh every time we get together.  Many times I am still laughing all the way home.  Days later I'll think about something someone said and I start laughing.  

There is something so sweet and comforting about friends who have known you for so long that they literally know you inside and out.  Last night one of my dear friends gave me the most fabulous gift:  a coloring book for grown-ups.


My Wonderful World of Fashion is something I've had my eye on but felt guilty buying it for myself. There are limitless opportunities for creativity inside.  Thank you John, for the book and to John, Mindy, Ann and Amy for being my wonderful world of friends.