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DIY Citronella Soy Candles

 Citronella Soy Candles

Soy Citronella Candles

It’s that time of year where bugs (both good and no-so-good) are invading our backyards and patios. While I don’t want to do anything to hurt “helpful” bugs like spiders and ladybugs, I am not a big fan of mosquitos! The always seem to come buzzing around at that exact worst moment… like when you’ve invited your neighbors over for a barbeque and you’re JUST about to serve the hot dogs. Here’s a way to get those mosquitos and other flying insects to buzz off: make your own Citronella Soy Candle. The lemony scent of citronella can send the pests packing.

Citronella Soy Candles: Supplies

Soy Wax, Containers (I used glass jars from Ben Franklin Crafts Redmond), waxed wicks, wax (to adhere wick to jar– both items also available at Ben Frankin Crafts Redmond) and Citronella Essential Oil. You also need a food-safe thermometer, and a microwave safe container. Tip: A glass measuring cup with a spout is helpful. You’ll also need pencils or rulers and tape (for keeping the wick straight).

Soy Citronella Candles

 Step 1: Use a dab of wax to stick the metal part of the wick to the bottom of the jar.

DIY citronella candle

Step 2: Press waxed wick firmly to make it adhere to jar. Tip: Use the eraser side of the pencil to if you can’t reach the bottom of the wick.

DIY Soy Citronella Candles

 Step 3: Using a pencil or ruler and tape, suspend the top of the wick in the center of the jar.

DIY Citronella Candles Step 4: Melt the soy chips in the microwave. I used 4 cups of soy wax chips at a time. It took 8 cups of soy wax chips to fill the larger class container. In my microwave, it took three minutes for 4 cups of wax chips to melt.

DIY Soy Citronella Candles

 Step 5: Check the temperature of the soy wax. It need to be at 180 degrees. Let the temperature fall to 140 degrees before adding 15 drops of citronella essental oil. Mix (I used a wood skewer).

DIY Soy Citronella Candles Step 6: Carefully pour into jar and wait.

Soy Citronella Candles

 Step 7: Let the candle(s) sit undisturbed for 48 hours.

Free Citronella Candle Labels Step 8: If desired, print out these FREE Citronella Candle Labels for Yesterday on Tuesday by Printabelle onto White Sticker Paper (available at Ben Franklin Crafts Redmond).

Label Download

1. Click this link: Free Citronella Candle Labels

2. Click actions (upper left), then view all sizes, select large and save to your computer

3. Print on sticker paper


Step 9: Cut out stickers and apply them to jars.

How to make soy citronella candles

Stuff to Remember:

Don’t leave melted wax or a lighted candle unattended.

Trim wick to 1/8″-1/4″ after each use.

Don’t let temperature of soy wax chips exceed 300 degrees when melting wax, it could cause a fire.

If wax does catch fire, use baking soda or smother with a lid to put fire out (NOT water).

Always check package instructions and use your common sense.

Click Here for MORE free labels and DIY Cleaning Recipes.

Frugal Cleaning Supplies.









The Pothole Gardener

Amazing things happen in the most unlikeliest of places.

Armed with their imaginations, guerilla gardeners are making the world more beautiful, bloom by bloom. The Pothole Gardener is one of these creative souls. Where some see a spot of cracked concrete, he sees the potential for something magical.





 All images property of The Pothole Gardener

 Here's what The Pothole Gardener says about his work:

"Guerilla Gardening is all about getting out there, doing something, getting your hands dirty and creating something that improves the space you live in."

Gorgeous inspiration!



Goat-ing for It

I had the best playground growing up– my backyard. We lived on a farm with horses, pastures and… a goat.

This is my brother and I with Cinnamon. Cinnamon was quite regal, with high cheekbones and a long face. If she had been wearing a string of pearls and a hat, it would not have seemed out of place.

Cinnamon had personality to spare. She had a mad crush on my Dad, could eat anything (and not gain a pound) and she loved being scratched between the horns.

Thanks to my friendship with Cinnamon and later "Baaabs" (our other goat) I became a goat girl. Goats are so cool!

Anyway, here's a fun story from my favorite ABC correspondent (and husband) Neal Karlinsky about goats for rent: 

Hope this story make you smile.


Make it Monday: Plastic Bottle Cuffs

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Hello Everybody!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  This is going to be a great week here at YoT. Today we're transforming plastic water bottles and old tee-shirts into cools cuffs.

Tomorrow it's Give Away Time courtesy of PurpleTrail.  This is the coolest site for creating announcements, invites and party planning.  They are sponsoring a very generous giveway– you'll want to check it out.

Wednesday I'm interviewing my friend and Crafty Soiree Co-Host Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot.  And on Thursday… it's party time!  Katie and I will throwing our first Crafty Soiree Party.  We can't wait to see what you're been up to– art, crafts, decor, organizational projects, recipes, sewing… anything creative.

Plastic Bottle Cuff Project

Inspired By "Kid Made Modern" by Todd Oldham

Supplies:  Plastic water bottles (I'd say the bigger the better) that have some "smooth" space, craft glue, permanent markers, old while tee shirts, sharp scissors, Staz-On permanent ink, stamps, tape, a foam paintbrush, stickles (optional).  You also need cardstock, a corner rounder and a ruler to make the cuff templates.  I also used kitchen scissors to cut the plastic bottles.

This craft was created with the help of our friend Kira.  Kira is a five year old with a fierce sense of style. Check out the bling the girl's got going on her right hand. Sha-zam!

Cuff2Step 1:  Cut a rectangle out of your tee-shirt, one that doesn't have any writing, pictures or stains.  Our was about 5" by 11".  Tape it down to keep it flat.


Step 2:  Draw a pattern on your tee-shirt material.

Step 3:  Stamp some fun shapes/words on your design with Staz-On Ink.  If you aren't familiar with Staz-On… the name says it all.  It's permanent!  Keep in mind that the finished product will be the length and width you choose for your cuff– so you want whatever stuff you're stamping to fit within those dimensions. These cuffs are 1 1/2' by 6" and 2" by 6".


Step 4:  Make your cuff template with a ruler, cardstock and a corner rounder. Trace cuff template around your design.


Step 5:  Cut out your pattern with sharp scissors.  If you're doing this project with your kids, this is probably a step that an adult should do.  Same for the next step.

Step 6:  Cut the smooth part out of the plastic bottle.  I used kitchen shears for this part.


Step 7:  With a foam brush, paint craft glue all over the plastic.

Step 8:  Glue your "fabric" cuff onto the plastic, design side up.  Let it dry then carefully cut it out along the shape of the tee-shirt material.  To make the plastic "shrink" a bit, wrap it in a rubber band and put it out in the sun.

Here's Kira with her new cuffs on.  Don't you love her dress too?  The girl's stylin'!

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Behind the Blog: Clean Mama + A Clean Mama Giveaway!

Behind the Blog

Hi Friends!  I'm really excited about today's subject for "Behind the Blog"… 

Clean mama bannerBecky from Clean Mama!  I first "met" Becky as a customer, when I bought one of the terrific printables she creates for her Etsy Shop.  She was so quick to respond and so accomodating.  Really easy to work with and nice. And her printables are fabulous!

As a matter of fact, Becky is giving away one of her Cleaning Kits from her Etsy Shop to a lucky YoT reader.

CleaningkitThe cleaning kit is the tool you need to get and keep you organized.  It includes three different organizing collections (you can use over and over):

  • The Weekly Cleaning List includes a checklist for chores for the week, daily chore checklist, and a meal planning section. The Weekly Cleaning List is for one month.

  • The Monthly Cleaning List includes 12 sections – one for each month – you fill in the month so it can be started any month of the year. Each month has 8 rotating tasks with check boxes and one blank line with a check box for something that may need to be done in your home. There is also a section at the bottom where you can add any other home tasks. The Monthly Cleaning List is for one year.
  • The To Do List is designed to function with your Weekly + Monthly Cleaning lists. Fill it in with tasks to remember and check them off as you finish for that great feeling of accomplishment. 

How can you win this fantastic set?  Each is worth one entry:

1)Visit the Clean Mama's Printables Etsy Shop and come back here and tell us what product you liked the most

2)Become a follower of YoT and let me know in the comments so I can follow you back

3)Become a follower of Clean Mama and let us know in the comments

The giveway will be open until 5 pm on Sunday August 23rd.

Even if you don't win the giveaway, we're all winners because Becky is offering free shipping to new members (through her) to Shaklee.

And now onto the interview…

Tell us about Clean Mama "The Blog"… how did it get it's start?

I started selling Shaklee products (after using them for over a year) and felt like I needed a place to connect to customers and help them get the most out of the products they were purchasing from me.  I am a former art teacher and really like the creative organizing side of blogging and just started to share some ideas and helpful (hopefully) hints and tricks that work for me.  Next month is my first blog-iversary – the Clean Mama blog has become more than I ever anticipated.

What's your philosophy on cleaning and organizing?  

My philosophy is to clean in planned spurts – a little bit every day – and to never let cleaning or organizing take precedence over family.

What do you think are the most common mistakes we make when it comes to cleaning/organizing our homes?  

Trying to do everything at once or all on one day, getting overwhelmed and not finishing.

For people who feel overwhelmed by the idea of going "green" with cleaning supplies– any tips?  


Get Clean Starter Kit

The Get Clean Starter Kit is everything you need to clean your home – you can get rid of everything else – it's under $100 and cleans the equivalent of $3400 of regular cleaning products.


Basic H2

Can you recommend a couples products/tools and explain why  

Basic H2 – I still have the same bottle I bought almost 3 years ago – it cleans everything from counters, mirrors, permanent marker off antique tables, crayon on walls, lipstick off linen napkins, carpets and on and on.  It's concentrated, non-toxic, and WORKS like no other cleaner I've ever tried. 


Scour Off 

Scour Off – cleans ovens fume free!

What's your least favorite room to clean and why?

Bathrooms are my least favorite room to clean – because I'm a germ-o-phobe – ha!

Have you always been passionate about cleaning/organizing?  Any cleaning "techniques" you can share? 

I have always been "passionate" about cleaning and organizing – I wish I had taken photos of my different art classrooms – they were so fun to create in and organized.  My students always knew where to find things – I went crazy with the label makers.  And everything was always clean – I had baby wipes at each table for the students to clean off their workspace – not super eco-friendly, looking back, but it worked at the time.


Free Toy Printable from Clean Mama

You offer some fantastic free printables on your blog– which are the most popular?  The recipe printables are popular and the toys printables – they are most likely popular because they're easy and practical. 

CleanmamaprintablesTell us about your etsy shop– what can we find there to help us get organized?  

I have been making "printables" to help me stay organized for at least 10 years – a checklist and a cup of coffee are my motivators I guess.  You can find two non-customizable Kits – The Cleaning Kit and The Christmas In July Kit  and everything else is completely customizable.  My three bestsellers are The Cleaning Kit,the Weekly Docket and the Daily Planners. 

How can we get our families involved in cleaning?  At what age can kids help?  At what age can hubbys help (lol)?

As soon as they can walk :)  I love cleaning with Shaklee products, because my kids don't need to be napping and I don't need a haz-mat suit and mask.  My kids dust and wipe down anything they can – they are at the age where they love to help and I am taking full advantage of it, hoping that it'll carryover as they reach their teen years.  No advice on involving the hubbies – just make it easy and they'll do it.  For instance, I have a two slot laundry hamper for hubby and myself – that way he separates his clothes.  

Do you have a organizational tip for back to school?

Make a plan – any plan.  Planning ahead is the key to smooth transitions for everyone.  Set up some simple goals for getting off to a good start.  Plan outfits out the night before, have backpacks ready and homework done the night before, have spots for kids to stash stuff.  Cute plastic or metal containers with their names on it always works.  Kids thrive on structure – provide it and they'll make it work for them.

Do you ever leave a room messy?

Ummm, yeah.  There are toys everywhere on the first floor of our house and I'm okay with it – it'll get cleaned up before bedtime.  

Tell us about Becky… 


Home Comforts 

Favorite "Cleaning" Icon:  Cheryl Mendelson's book "Home Comforts" really got me interested in keeping a home.

What do you like to create for fun? I love to paint canvases for kids' rooms.

Favorite TV show?  "Sarah's House" on HGTV

Sleepless in seattle


Favorite Movie?  Sleepless In Seattle – I have to watch it anytime it's on tv.  

Favorite Song?  "Marry Me" by Neil Diamond – I'm sure no one's heard it, but it's a beautiful love song.  

Favorite Quote?  It's actually a Bible verse: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God."  Philippians 4:6

Dessert?  chocolate, lots of it

Color?  Martha Stewart blue

Snack?  cold cereal

Inspiring person in your life?  Anyone that perseveres through life's trials and can see the blessings in everyday life

What's next for Clean Mama?  A little at-home preschool with my daughter this fall.  Hopefully a little Etsy shop revamp (new printables) and enjoying my favorite season, Fall!

How can we find you?


Email:  [email protected]


Twitter:  @cleanmamablog

Etsy Store:

Shaklee Store:

Thanks Becky!  And coming up next week on Behind the Blog… Amanda and Jen– the bloggers behind Kind Over Matter

To me, visiting Kind Over Matter is the equivalent of going for a walk in the woods or meeting a friend for coffee.  You leave feeling refreshed and peaceful. I can't wait to learn more about it and the wonderful people behind it.

BIG Hug!  Malia