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How to transform a mint tin into a cute business card holder! Awesome and free hack and great recycling/upcycling idea.
10 Hearty and Delicious Soup Recipes
Printable Mason Jar Watercolor Tags: Just print and paint, great for gifts or for Valentine's Day presents


DIY Citronella Soy Candles

Soy Citronella Candles

 Citronella Soy Candles It's that time of year where bugs (both good and no-so-good) are invading our backyards and patios. While I don't want to do anything to hurt "helpful" bugs like spiders and ladybugs, I am not a big fan of mosquitos! The always seem to come buzzing around at that exact worst moment... like when you've invited your neighbors over for a barbeque and you're JUST about to serve the hot dogs. Here's … [Read more...]

The Pothole Gardener


Amazing things happen in the most unlikeliest of places. Armed with their imaginations, guerilla gardeners are making the world more beautiful, bloom by bloom. The Pothole Gardener is one of these creative souls. Where some see a spot of cracked concrete, he sees the potential for something magical.    All images property of The Pothole Gardener  Here's what The Pothole Gardener says about his … [Read more...]

Goat-ing for It


I had the best playground growing up-- my backyard. We lived on a farm with horses, pastures and... a goat. This is my brother and I with Cinnamon. Cinnamon was quite regal, with high cheekbones and a long face. If she had been wearing a string of pearls and a hat, it would not have seemed out of place. Cinnamon had personality to spare. She had a mad crush on my Dad, could eat anything (and not gain a pound) and she … [Read more...]

Make it Monday: Plastic Bottle Cuffs


Hi... Wanna be friends?  Follow me via Google Friend Connect or Typepad (right sidebar) and leave me a comment so I can follow you back! Hello Everybody!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  This is going to be a great week here at YoT. Today we're transforming plastic water bottles and old tee-shirts into cools cuffs. Tomorrow it's Give Away Time courtesy of PurpleTrail.  This is the … [Read more...]

Behind the Blog: Clean Mama + A Clean Mama Giveaway!

Behind the Blog

Hi Friends!  I'm really excited about today's subject for "Behind the Blog"...  Becky from Clean Mama!  I first "met" Becky as a customer, when I bought one of the terrific printables she creates for her Etsy Shop.  She was so quick to respond and so accomodating.  Really easy to work with and nice. And her printables are fabulous!As a matter of fact, Becky is … [Read more...]