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Personal Style Icon Iris Apfel

For a little bit of inspiration + fun: Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Photograph: Martha Camarillo

I admire people who have the courage to be true to themselves.

Iris Apfel…

Has been featured in Vogue 

Calls herself a geriatric starlet

Refuses to pay more than $15 for a pair of jeans

Has had an exhibit of her clothing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Has been following her own personal fashion aesthetic for nearly ninety years

"I'm a hopeless romantic. I buy things because I fall in love with them. I never buy anything just because it's valuable. My husband used to say I look at a piece of fabric and listen to the threads. It tells me a story. It sings me a song. I have to get a physical reaction when I buy something. A coup de foudre – a bolt of lightning. It's fun to get knocked out that way!"

Iris Apfel 

There's no age limit on style!