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Max’s BackStory Update


I was planning on taking all of us to Paris this morning (at least in through photos) but I'm going to write about something closer to home instead. My 7-year old, Max has spent the past 6 months wearing a brace for 23 hours a day.  He hasn't been able to run, jump or basically do all the things little boys do.  No sports, including swimming.  No PE and only recently, he's been allowed to go … [Read more...]



The spirit of Valentine's Day is in the air.  You know, L-O-V-E.  For weeks, Mia has been talking about a young man in her class... we'll call him Mr. "B."  Yesterday, Max and I got to meet Mr. B for the first time at Mi's class Valentine's Day Party.  She's in the back row and guess who's standing to her right? My little lovebug has been coming home from school … [Read more...]

Rainbows On The Way

Mia Rainbow

"The way I see it... if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."  -Dolly Parton  I think the forecast is for rainbows.  Michelle has her last chemo next Monday (!).  Max is going to the Pediatric Sports Medicine Doctor today.  I am hopeful she'll allow us to increase his activity.  I am ready for a rainbow (or two)! … [Read more...]

Exactly Where He Should Be


After three months in the brace, Max still has his sense of humor.  According to Ly (Our Physical Therapist) he's exactly where he should be with his recovery.  Phew!  I was a little concerned.  Between our trip to Chicago and the food poisoning we brought back with us, we missed a few sessions.  Max is learning some new exercises.   This is his favorite.  Mia tries to be a … [Read more...]

Riding the Wave into the Yellow Zone


We are celebrating today... Max is officially in the "Yellow Zone." He did a perfect backbend without any pain Right leg at 90 degree angle And the left too. (Max & his Physical Therapist, Ly)Reaching these goals seemed like a dream just a few months ago.  There's still a long way to go, but what a fantastic gift Max has given to our family and to himself.  He's worked so hard each and … [Read more...]

All we want for Hannukah & Christmas


Max Update:  He is very close on reaching all three of the goals he needs to accomplish to order to get out of the "Red Zone" and into the "Yellow Zone."  The Yellow Zone will mean he gets to to do more activity and that he is officially out of the scary danger zone.  We are working towards getting to the "Yellow Zone" by Christmas.  His Physical Therapist, Ly, thinks … [Read more...]