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Printable Mason Jar Watercolor Tags: Just print and paint, great for gifts or for Valentine's Day presents
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Courage, Strength and Faith Printables

BC Art

Free Breast Cancer Awareness art from Keren. Download them at Free Pretty Things for You Use for buttons, cards, tags... anything. Thanks Keren!  And please check out my post about my amazing pal Michelle and her battle with breast cancer.   I am giving away some goodies in honor of her. … [Read more...]

Michelle, Pink Warrior Princess + A Celebratory Giveaway


October 1st is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In honor of this important event, I want to write a little about my friend Michelle aka The Pink Warrior Princess and the bravest girl I know.  The tears are welling up as I write this but not out of sadness-- hers is a story about strength.  Michelle Pre-Cancer There are certain things in all our lives that feel too scary to think about-- … [Read more...]

Avatar: The Legend of Aang Party

Cupcake 3

Hi Friends... I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things after Max's Avatar Birthday Party last weekend.  This Avatar is not the one with the blue aliens. It's the cartoon that the Avatar the Last Airbender movie is based on.  The animated series is beautiful and follows Aang and his friends on a quest around the four nations (Earth, Water, Fire and Air).   Since the show … [Read more...]



The spirit of Valentine's Day is in the air.  You know, L-O-V-E.  For weeks, Mia has been talking about a young man in her class... we'll call him Mr. "B."  Yesterday, Max and I got to meet Mr. B for the first time at Mi's class Valentine's Day Party.  She's in the back row and guess who's standing to her right? My little lovebug has been coming home from school … [Read more...]

Rainbows On The Way

Mia Rainbow

"The way I see it... if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."  -Dolly Parton  I think the forecast is for rainbows.  Michelle has her last chemo next Monday (!).  Max is going to the Pediatric Sports Medicine Doctor today.  I am hopeful she'll allow us to increase his activity.  I am ready for a rainbow (or two)! … [Read more...]

Edward, Bella, Michelle


An imaginary conversation between Bella and EdwardBella:  "Oh, Edward..." Edward:  "Yes Bella?"  Bella:  "Why does it always seem like there's something keeping us apart?  My Dad, my friends, Jacob, Victoria, the Volturi... plastic packaging (sigh)." Edward:  "Oh Bella... You're such a doll."Finally made it to "New Moon" … [Read more...]