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PP: Crafting in the Rain


Hi, guys! Michele from The Scrap Shoppe†here again with this week's Pinterest Feature. Bev from Flamingo Toes, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday, and Kara from Mine for the Making†love featuring your†Pinterest accounts each week so be sure you're linked†up to our Pinterest Party. We want†to feature you, too! Today's featured pinner is Steph from Crafting in the Rain! Steph is uber creative so it's no surprise her … [Read more...]

PP: Hodge Podge Craft


Hello, friends! Michele from The Scrap Shoppe here with this week's Pinterest Feature. Each week Bev from Flamingo Toes, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday, and Kara from Mine for the Making pick a different Pinterest account linked up to our Pinterest Party to feature. Be sure you're linked up because we would love to feature you, too! Today's Pinterest feature is Gude from Hodge Podge Craft! Gude has bright and cheerful … [Read more...]

PP: Two Shades of Pink


Hello my pinning friends and welcome to another week of Pinterest Feature Friday! Each week my bloggy gal pals (Michele, Malia, Bev) and I comb through the Pinterest Master List checking out the awesome Pinterest boards linked up. Then we feature one on our blogs! It's so much fun finding new pinners to follow and new pins to PIN! Join us! Today we are featuring the boards of the lovely Jessica of Two Shades of Pink! … [Read more...]

PP: Earning and Saving with Sarah Fuller


PP: Earning and Saving with Sarah Fuller Hi There! Malia here with this week's Pinterest Party. Each week, Michele, Bev, Kara or I get to feature a fantastic pinner and share their boards with you. This week I am excited to feature Sarah from Earning and Saving with Sarah Fuller. Sarah has 133 Pinterest Boards and 11.2 Pins.  Valentine's Day is coming up quick! There are so many awesome ideas on Sarah's Valentine … [Read more...]

PP: Ruby Ellen Photography

Laundry Room

PP: Ruby Ellen Photography Hello Pinterest Friends! Malia, Michele, Kara and I (Bev) are having so much fun sharing Pinterest finds with you every week! This week our special feature is Robyn from Ruby Ellen Photography! Robyn has so many fun boards and pins - let's dive right in! I'm so ready to freshen up my home after Christmas and Robyn's Off the Walls board has so many fun wall decorating ideas. That … [Read more...]

PP: The Ribbon Retreat

DIY Fabric Flower Headband

Happy New Year, you guys! Bev, Malia, Kara, and I are ready to kick off the New Year with a new Pinterest Feature Friday! If you're not familiar with our little Pinterest Party, let me tell you a bit about it. The four of us host a Pinterest link party for crafters and DIYers. You link your Pinterest account to the link party. ALL of the links (almost 2300!) go to other craft and DIY Pinterest accounts for you to peruse … [Read more...]

PP: Nourish and Nestle


PP: Nourish and Nestle Hello Fabulous People! Malia here with this week's Pinterest Party. Each week, Michele, Bev, Kara or I spotlight a fantastic pinner and show off their pins to you-- so you can get inspired too! Today I'd like to introduce you to  Lynn from Nourish and Nestle. Lynn has 66 Boards and 1.8k pins! There are loads of good ideas on her Decorating Ideas Board.  There are tons of great tips on … [Read more...]

PP: Pastels and Macarons

Faux Moss Garland

Hello my Pinterest friends! Boy this is the time of year to be on Pinterest isn't it? There is so much inspiration there - everything from decor, to gift ideas, to amazing recipes! We love bringing you all sorts of Pinterest Inspiration and new people to follow in these fun PFF posts - hosted by†Michele from The Scrap Shoppe, Kara from Mine for the Making, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday  and me Bev from Flamingo … [Read more...]

PP: The Pin Junkie


Hey there, Pinterest Partiers! Michele here with this week's Pinterest features from our Pinterest Master List linky party. Join Bev, Malia, Kara and myself as we feature someone new each Friday! Since it's the first week of Christmas you can bet we're going to see a lot of holiday ideas today! And I have the perfect Pinterest party gal to feature... It's Bonnie from The Pin Junkie! I love her motto when it comes to … [Read more...]

PP: My Best Friend’s Blog

DIY Bell Ornaments

Hello there, friends! Welcome to another awesome edition of Pinterest Feature Friday! Did y'all have a great Thanksgiving? We sure did and we are lucky enough to have another feast tomorrow! You can never have too much Thanksgiving, am I right? Bev, Michele, Malia, and I are taking a break from the Thanksgiving leftovers and Black Friday shopping to introduce you to our newest feature... Christy of My Best Friend's … [Read more...]