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School Spirit Crafts

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Crafts for School SpiritWho’s got school spirit? YOU DO… with these easy craft ideas designed to show off your school’s colors! 

Crafts for School Spirit

No Sew Blanket

Stay toasty at the game or use as a comfy throw on your couch at home. You can create an entire blanket in about two hours!

Supplies: 1-2/3 yards of coordinating fleece prints and/or solids, Sharp scissors or pinking shears or rotary cutter, mat and ruler, quilting, safety pins or straight pins, measuring tape or a ruler and masking tape. (You’ll need a large workspace for this project). Materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.


1. Place one piece of fabric on your work surface with the wrong side up with the selvages (the edge of the fabric that is woven, preventing it from fraying or unraveling) on the left and the right. Lay the second piece right side up on top of the first, with the selvages on the top and the bottom.

2. Remove the selvages and trim the fabric to a 58″ square. Use a pins to hold the pieces together.

3. Measure four inches from the edge on all sides and mark with masking tape. Where the tape intersects in the corners and makes a square, cut that square out. Cut fringe at one inch intervals, using the masking tape as a guide.

4.  Tie the top and bottom layers in a knot at each fringe.

Idea from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.

Crafts for School Spirit

Easy Fleece Scarf

Whip up a few Easy Fleece Scarves to you can keep warm outside for hours as you cheer on your favorite football team!

Supplies: A quarter yard of fleece (makes one scarf) which is 9″ wide and about 5 feet 3.5 inches long (perfect length right off the bolt), ruler and sharp scissors. Materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.


1. Measure 4″ in on both short sides of material

2. Use sharp scissors to create “fringe.” Use ruler to create fringe about 3/4 inches in width.

3. Tie a knot in each fringe.

Idea from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.

Crafts for School Spirit

Cheer Cone

Supplies: Paper Mache’ Cone and two colors of Duck Tape, sharp scissors. Materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.

Directions: Roll off a large piece of Duck Tape and adhere to top of cone. At bottom of cone, “keep going” when you get to the bottom edge then cut tape. Repeat with second color. Trim top of tape as needed to keep it thin. After finished taping, snip top off cone.

Crafts for School Spirit

 School Colors Binders

Let your school colors shine with these simple decorated binders.
Supplies: Two colors of Duck Tape and binder. Materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.
Instructions: Use the Duck Tape to make stripes on the binder.

Crafts for School Spirit

Loom Bands Bracelets

Kids love creating these Loom Bands Bracelets and they are a fantastic way to “wear” your school pride.

Supplies: Loom Bands and Plastic Crochet Hook. Materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.


1. Place Band #1 (B1) on hook. Add Band #2 (B2).

2. Pull B2 and place B1 so it is hanging on B2.

3. Fold B2 over the hook; it will look doubled over on the hook.

4. Repeat the process, adding as many bands as you want.

5. Before removing the last band, attach “C” clip, making sure it goes over both bands on the hook. Remove and place band on other end of bracelet into ring to finish.

Idea from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond

Crafts for School Spirit

 Hair Chalking

Here’s an easy non-permanent way to jazz up your look with school colors.

Supplies: Set of chalk pastels, spray bottle of water, gloves, towel, comb, clips, hair dryer (optional), flat iron or curling iron. Chalk Pastels available at Materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.


 1. Cover clothing with towel

2. Take a section of hair and wet hair when you want the color

3. Take chalk and rub on hair from the top of the wet area to the end. Repeat until you have desired coverage.

4. Let air dry or use blow dryer on low to dry.

5. After dry, use a flat iron or curling iron to set color.

Idea from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.

 Have FUN supporting your favorite team!