Bottle Cap Ornaments and $100 Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway

{Bottle Cap Ornaments}

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Dollar Tree Value Seekers Craft

I love a good Christmas craft… especially when they are inexpensive and fun. There are some fabulous creative holiday ideas from Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club, including their Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments.

Do you know about the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club? It’s a place to find cheap and chic crafts, recipes, decor ideas, contests, insider info, frugal fun ideas and much more. You’ll enjoy fresh content each month. And they make it easy– project sheets can be saved or printed, which makes it easy to take them to Dollar Tree and use as a shopping list. Membership is FREE!

I am already a proud member of the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and a self-confessed Dollar Tree addict so I was downright jolly when I got the chance to make one of their December crafts!

Here is what their darling Bottle Cap Snowman ornaments look like:

Bottle Cap Ornaments

I was so charmed by their snowman ornaments, I couldn’t wait to make some of mine own… as well as put my own spin on it by making reindeer version. You can find the full Dollar Tree Value Seekers Bottle Cap Ornament version here.

Bottle Cap Ornaments

 The YoT Snowman Ornament Version

Here’s what I used for my Snowman Ornaments, all from Dollar Tree except the recycled bottle caps.

Acrylic paint, permanent markers, I used recycled bottle caps (3 bottle camps per ornament) but you can find bottle caps at Dollar Tree, ribbon, glue and Fashion Duct Tape. To make this project my own, I used Dollar Tree Fashion Duct Tape like ribbon. To grab the Dollar Tree project sheet head over to the Value Keepers Club now.

Bottle Cap Ornaments

 Paint the bottle caps white (it will take three coats). I chose to use paint but with the Value Seekers, they list different things you can use to create the white background.

Cheap and cute Bottle Cap Ornaments

 Draw the snowman’s face with permanent markers. I used markers but with the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club version, they give you many other ideas about supplies you could use as well.

Cheap and cute Bottle Cap Ornaments

Instead of using ribbon like they did in the original version, I made a scarf out of Fashion Duck Tape. To make the Duck Tape scarf, cut six pieces of Fashion Duck Tape (6 inches inches long). Stick three of them on a hard surface, like the kitchen counter, overlapping them each 1/2 an inch. Flip the large piece of Fashion Duck Tape over and do the same on other side, Cut a strip to make the scarf. Glue it on the snowman.

 The YoT Bottle Cap Reindeer 

Again, wanting to take the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club idea and make it my own, I made a reindeer version. You can use the same supplies: Acrylic paint, permanent markers, bottle caps, ribbon, glue and Fashion Duct Tape. Also add gold pipe cleaners from Dollar Tree.

Cheap and cute Bottle Cap Ornaments

Mix red and green to make brown. Paint three bottle caps brown and let dry. It will take three coats of paint.

Use the back of the paint brush to make eyes and a nose.

Cheap and cute Bottle Cap Ornaments

Cut a strip of Fashion Duct Tape six inches long and glue the bottle caps to the Duct Tape and make a loop on top to make a hanger. 

Cut two 2 1/2 long pieces of pipe cleaner and glue them to the back of the reindeer face. Cut two more small pieces and glue to make antlers.

Dollar Tree Value Seekers Craft

Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway 

 To enter to win a $100 gift card to Dollar Tree, simply sign up for the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club! Then leave me a comment saying which project from the club that you want to try first. Make sure to also leave me the email address you used to sign up as we will be verifying them. Giveaway will end 5pm Pacific time, Wednesday December 18th. I’ll put the comments in a virtual hat and pick a random winner.

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