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Angels in Blogland: The Cottage Market

Hi Friends! I wanted to pass along this post by Keren from Free Pretty Things For You… it's about how we can help a wonderful blogger and friend to many of us… Andrea from The Cottage Market.


The destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy has touched one of our own. Many of you know Andrea from The Cottage Market. She is a wonderful woman who has been a great friend to many of us here in blogland. She lives in New Jersey and has been hit very hard by this terrible storm. She and her husband, children and her beloved fur babies have been left without power for 2 days now. Food in the fridge has now gone bad. They have no means of heat. She can not work on her etsy store, all post offices are still closed therefore cannot mail past orders  in a timely fashion. This disasters storm is hurting her and all her loved ones very hard physically, financially, and emotionally.
But, lucky for her, that is where we come in. Now we have a chance to be the good friend to her that she has been to us and our blogs. It's time for us to be her angels and show her we are with her and how much we care. Even if you may not know Andrea and her family and would just like to be a blessing and help a family in need. Free Pretty Things For You is asking that we all become angels and help send hope and relief to Andrea and her family. The donations have already started and we thank you so much. It does not matter if you only want to donate $0.50 or you want to donate $50. Every little bit helps.
We are trying to raise enough money to help Andrea and her family to buy food, bottled water, a kerosene heater, kerosene, candles, just anything to will help them survive until they can restore power. Estimates say it could take as long as a week for the power to be turned back on and they have no where else to go.
Free Pretty Things is calling on all who want to help this family in need.
Andrea and her family have no clue we are doing this. She has no power. She has access to a cell phone but no way to charge it. She uses it only for emergencies and to assure friends and family they are hanging in there. Truth is, she may get a little embarrassed that we are doing this because she is such a selfless person… ALWAYS thinking about and helping others. But, this storm has truly affected her and her family and they need help. You will not find a sweeter person than Andrea. She is a wonderful lady and you would be such an blessing helping out such a wonderful family.
We have already started receiving donations from friends and strangers alike. GOD bless you. We thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Every last cent helps. It doesn't matter how much you give. Just the fact that you helped someone in need. All gifts can be sent directly to her paypal: [email protected].
Friends, please grab a button and help spread the word.
Thank you!

Sunny Side Up: Positive Reading for the Weekend

Hello There! It's the weekend (Yay!) so I thought it would be fun to share few links to some uplifting articles
Happier at Home

Becky Higgins
Kindness in the Ebb and Flow, part of the Kind Kindred series on Kind Over Matter. By the way, I had the opportunity to interview Amanda and Jenn from Kind Over Matter a while ago. Check out the interview here!
Kind Kindred
Happy Weekend!
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Pretty Pretty Pretty

Pretty incredible Craft Organization…


From Andrea at The Cottage Market.

The most breathtaking collection of craft supplies/beautiful things ever! I just want to jump into the picture.

Pretty amazing and {free!} Vintage Floral Print Banners… 

A Shabby Blogs vintage Banners scrolls by FPTFY web ex
Lovely! Created by Keren of FPTFY via The Shabby Blogs Blog.

Pretty delicious Peanut-Butter-Pretzel-Chocolate-Chip Cookies…Peanut-Butter-Pretzel-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies

 whipped up by Mary Beth of Cupcakes and Crinoline.

Thank you dear Andrea, darling Keren and fabulous Mary Beth!


Pinterest Party #20

Hi everyone! My name is Kara and I blog over at Mine for the Making

I'm super excited to be here today! Thanks to Tammy, Michele, and Malia for having me. I am an avid pinner myself, so I feel I fit in well here with all of you! : ) You can find my boards HERE.  
I'm excited to share this week's Feature! 

Meet Amy from The Mombot!
I love Pinterest not only for all of the inspiration, but also for all of the new, awesome blogs I find! 
Amy has 35 boards and 2293 pins
I loved all of Amy's boards, but here are a few of my faves…
This collections of Outdoor Spaces is perfect for the upcoming spring weather.
I am a sucker for organization, and Amy's Organization board has a ton of great ideas.
Amy's Fashion and Style board caught my eye; we seem to have very similar taste!
I also really her Embroidery Hoop Art board. So pretty!
How cute is this DIY doll in a suitcase idea?!?

                                                           Source: via Amy on Pinterest
What a fun bookmark!
                                                        Source: via Amy on Pinterest
I have to make this for my daughter…toddler friendly sewing basket!

                                                                Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Such fun boards and pins, right?! Be sure to visit Amy's Pinterest boards for even more inspiration!
Amy, be sure to grab a featured button!
Have you linked up to the Pinterest Master List yet? It's a great place to find even more great ideas and fun pinners to follow! And the girls feature a new pinner every Friday!
Thanks for having me over today! It was so fun to snoop around on some new boards!

Vintage YoT: Interview with Keren from FPTFY

Behind the Blog

Hi! I wanted to share a "vintage" edition of my  Behind the Blog series– with a blogger who is as genuine and sweet as the vintage images she shares…  Keren from Free Pretty Things For You. She's even gifting us with a darling new image right here– at the end of the post.

KDHow did “Free Pretty Things For You” come about?  I believe the Lord works something negative into something positive when you’re trusting in Him. FPTFY was created after I was laid off from a staffing agency—while I was pregnant. As I searched and applied for work online, I would wonder off to beautiful blogs—and long for a little place I could call my own in cyberspace. I wanted a place where anyone with a love for prettiness could come and enjoy my work.

Do you collect vintage books and ephemera? Where do you find the images? What if someone wants to send you images to share… is that ok? If so, what format would you like them in?


Favorite Vintage Image

I collect vintage greeting cards and Valentine’s Day cards. I also collect vintage and baby shower and arrival announcements. Mostly I find and buy them at my local flea markets and antique shops. But you get the best deals at the flea market! I LOVE it when fellow readers send me images that they cherish and want to share with others. Both JPEG or PDF work.


How do you choose which vintage images to post? I have hundreds of images.The only way to really do it is just scan through them and what ever speaks to me that day; I pick apart and start editing away.  There’s no real science to my madness.

You’re very generous in that you “give” the images away—what’s your philosophy?
I can't draw to save my life and for a really long time I didn't know how to use Photoshop. Before then, I yearned for pretty vintage art images with a modern spin, but I could never find any. Now that I know how to create them and see how much people love them, how can I not share them?
My motto is the Golden Rule: “Do unto to other as you would have them to do unto you” Matthew 7:12

What are your favorite images?

FPTFYbbIf I had to pick, it would be my banner image.  I started creating an invitation to use for my little girl’s first birthday party.  By the end, I loved it so much that I decided to use it for my banner!

These are my other Favorites:
Lovelydeer Lovely Deer 

Vintagegirlsew3Vintage Girl Sewing


What makes you happiest about sharing your work? The joy that comes from reading all the wonderful comments I receive on a daily basis make it all worth it!

Are you a trained graphic designer?  I always giggle when I get asked this. I just learned how to use Photoshop six months ago. I am nowhere near advanced at it!  I still have along way to go. Basically, I just like playing around with it and figuring out things as I go. My next step is to take some classes to get better.

Can you share your creative process? What type of equipment/scanner do you use?
After choosing the images I want to work with, I start picking them apart and taking different pieces of images and put them all together to see if they work. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but that’s the fun part! I have an HP photosmart Plus Scanner-Printer-Copier. It's a good scanner but not very printer friendly  The cartridges are super small and very expensive. I think I have the oldest version of Photoshop known to man LOL. It has worked for me up until now, but I am definitely going to upgrade soon. Can’t wait to see what else I can create with the newer version!

Tell us about the Flickr group…
My Flickr group is called  You Made It with FPTFY!  Followers can upload any of the projects they have created using my images or projects inspired by any of my DYI crafts and will be featured on my blog. It's really fun and it gives exposure to your site!

Can you share any tips on how to get the best results when we use your images?
If you don’t have Photoshop, you could use Picnik, Picasa or FhotoFlexer  to add text or re-size the images  Then just print them.

What other types of crafty projects do you enjoy doing?
My followers have described my crafts as "user friendly crafts" which I never thought of until they said so.  I love doing crafts that are super easy to create and very budget friendly– and pretty! One of the most beloved by my readers are the "lasercut cupcakes wrappers” I recreated using paper doilies. So simple, so pretty and so CHEAP!


Cupcake Wrappers

Tell us about you…What inspires you?  Pretty Packaging has to be on the very top of things that inspire me! I love making the person that receives my packages extra special when they see it.

My favorite places to visit are: Such Pretty Things, Style Me Pretty, A Field Journal, oh hello friend, and One Pretty Thing.

Hmm, I'm seeing a pattern that most of them have the word pretty in them…

Keren’s Favorites
Color Combo: Aqua and Pink

Fave color combo

Favorite Movie:  I have two favorite movies: Life is Beautiful (I ALWAYS cry in the end) and my big fat Greek wedding (I can’t stop laughing every time I see it. Even though I know all the words to it. So hilarious!)

Favorite Snack: Sun Chips!

Song: Lord I believe in you By Crystal Lewis

TV Show: Wife Swap (lol) can’t get enough of it.

Little girl

Keren's Little Inspiration 

Take us through your idea of a perfect day…  Having slept more than five hours the night before and then having my baby wake up in a good mood makes a good start to a perfect day. Then getting struck by a brilliant new craft idea, having all the supplies to make it, getting at least one awesome picture of it and posting about it right away! At the end of the day seeing that everyone loved my project and want to try it too makes me smile.

Anything else you want to share?  If you ever have a specific design you would like me to create please feel free to contact me. I love to hear new ideas and love the challenge of it. I wanted to say thank you to my loving husband, Joshua, for being my biggest fan  He is always helping me with the baby, cooking and even cleaning up. I have the most wonderful man. Love you, darling!

Also– thank you, Malia, for giving me a chance to share a little bit of my world with you lovely readers.  Your sweet comments always encourage and uplift me.

You're too kind Keren.  Give us your info…

FPTFY Blog  






Check out this "new" vintage image– a cute kitty Keren is sharing with YOT readers…

She even made a special version for me…

Yot2Thank you Keren!


Malia’s Don’t Miss List #6

Here are some "don't misses" from a few of my absolutely favorite bloggers:

Sybille over at her blog Funkytime is incredibly creative. I like her clean yet whimsical style. Look how the girl spiffed up a kitchen cart from Ikea.

B and l frame
I consider Keren from Free Pretty Things For You a sweet friend of mine. I am head over heels about this blue and aqua frame freebie she created.


Katrina at Pugly Pixel always delights me with her projects. Her artful take on custom DIY envelopes makes me want to pull out the scissors and the washi tape… now!

Thanks Sybille, Keren and Katrina.



For Steve

Friends, my heart is heavy as I write this post.


It's been just four days since a wonderful friend and neighbor of mine, Steve Lacey was killed by a drunk driver. The family left to pick up the pieces: lovely wife Nabila and two young children ages 7 and 5, Steve's parents and sister, and Nabila's parents and sisters– all innocent victims with their lives torn apart because someone chose to get drunk on a Sunday and get behind the wheel.

I was with Nabila at her home that day, probably during the time the accident occurred– but of course we had no idea. I remember asking where Steve was and Nabila cheerfully replied (the woman is always cheerful) that he was at Costco getting Mexican Coke and bananas. Time ticked by and she hadn't heard from her husband. I remarked that he was probably picking up her birthday gift (Nabila's birthday is next week).

Meanwhile my son and her son– best buddies– played away. I finally grabbed Max late that afternoon to do some errands. Now all I can think is Why couldn't I have waited a few minutes longer? Then I would have been by her side when the police car pulled up. When the minutes felt like days. When the Chaplin arrived and walked up to the door. And when my sweet friend's life and the lives of her babies changed forever.

I am so deeply saddened. I feel like someone punched me straight in the heart and I am not alone. In the hours and days after the accident, our street and community (all over the world) have come together to support Nabila and the kids. This tragedy is literally too close to home. We all go on little errands for our families. We all assume we have much more time.

It's incredible how you can know people, like people, share a smile and a quick chat– and then something like this happens and you get to see a part of them that's simply amazing. The strength, thoughtfulness, and generosity of the Lacey family's friends is heartening. It's like a mountain made out of love built for this little family and I believe it's the reason why they are getting through these awful times.

Meanwhile, the suspect who got wasted (3x the legal limit), put himself behind the wheel of a car, allegedly got embroiled in a road rage incident (with some unknown individual) and decided to drive off a highway exit at high speed and slam into my friend– is left to live his life. Under Washington state's DUI Laws, the maximum sentence is 5 years in prison. The sentence in this state for Murder 1 or Murder 2 is 12-20 years.

How does that make sense? If a person got drunk, walked into a public place, and shot and killed a random person– it's up to 20 years in jail. If an intoxicated person gets behind the wheel and their weapon is a car– the maximum sentence is 5. The sentencing for this crime does NOT make sense. That's my painful realization.

Please keep my friends in your thoughts and prayers. A wife is has been robbed of her best friend and husband. A son and a daughter have been cheated out of a lifetime with a loving father. This preventable tragedy could have happened to any of us.

For more information on Steve you can visit his memorial page on Facebook.

Thanks for your support.



7 Delicious Decor and DIY E-zines

Adore Home: Beautiful homes from across the globe, tips and design advice from interior experts, founded by designer Lonny Parker.

High Gloss: Inspiring interior design, fabulous fashion, fresh entertaining ideas and swoon-worthy travel destinations

Amy Power's Inspired Ideas: Delectable DIY projects from amazing artists and crafters like Mary Englebreit and Koralee Teichroeb. A feast for the eyes. Current "Happy Birthday" issue is 245 pages long and retails for $3.50.

Lonny: Polished home decor magazine that highlights extraordinary interiors and innovative bloggers.

Matchbook: Past and present fashion, decor, the arts, travel and culture. Gorgeous graphics and fantastic interviews.

Rue: Decorating, shopping and style. Somehow manages to feel cosmopolitan and indie at the same time.

Souvenir: A seasonal lifestyle gazette created by designer/editor/photographer Heather Bullard. Chic crafty ideas, recipes and printables. Charming and lovely. Free– just sign up.

Floral background elements courtesy of Pugly Pixel. For five bucks/thirty days you can get a plethora (love that word) of chic graphic elements.


Guest Postage: Funky Polkadot Giraffe

Guest Postage

I'm so excited to be here today as a guest of Yesterday on Tuesday!! I'm Kyla from Funky Polkadot Giraffe.
I've lived all over the country. Born in Las Vegas, jr. high and high school in Iowa, a summer in Kentucky, college years in Utah and now I'm settled in fabulous Orange County, California. I'm married to my college sweetheart and we have two crazy munchkins. I have an Etsy shop, do day care full time, and love blogging on my crafty blog.
I'm a second grade teacher, turned creative blogging enthusiast, and I tend to have obsessive tendencies – just ask my husband :) I hope you'll stop by Funky PolkaDot Giraffe and check out my fun projects like: Interchangeable Ruffle Headband Tutorial:
Thank you Kyla!