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Booth Tour with JohnBob CoolJunk

Hi Friends!

Check out my post over at Vintage Indie for a tour of JohnBob CoolJunk's fabulous booth.

If you want to see it in person, join us at 2nd Saturdayz. The show is in Seattle on December 11th.

It's going to be a beautiful blast! Get more info here.


Barn House Bound


Hi Pals!  I am so excited for this weekend.  My Mom and I are heading to Battleground, WA to this really exciting event:


In case you aren't acquainted with the Barn House Boys, they're been featured in some pretty amazing publications:


Flea Market Style


Somerset Life 



I'm looking forward to sharing some pretty pictures with you when I get back.  I'll also be doing a post for Vintage Indie.  I'm excited to let you know about my new role as a Contributing Editor over at VI.  Woo Hoo!  Another fantastic reason to find more beautiful items, shops and people to write about.


See you back here and hopefully over there.  Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

BIG Hug! Malia

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Look at these delicious colors.  These are orphaned lids in the display case at Laguna Vintage Pottery.

You can find a lid to match a much loved vintage piece and so much more at this store. Laguna offers discontinued American Vintage Pottery.  Which means… you can start a collection, find a replacement piece or just pick up a beautiful part of American history here.  Whether they're "worth" a few dollars or thousands… I think these pottery pieces are all treasures. (By the way, the prices do range that much).

Join me over at Vintage Indie today where we're taking a little tour of the store. 

And tomorrow at Vintage Indie… store owner Michael Lindsey will give us the scoop on what's hot and what's still affordable enough to collect.  And– big reveal… Michael will be showing is the most valuable piece in the store.  What if you have one in the attic? 

Visit Vintage Indie again tomorrow to find out!