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Gilded Birdies

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I was recently inspired by an article in Do It Yourself Magazine to make gilded birdies out of a few simple supplies:


Modge Podge (or a glue mixture of equal parts white glue and water), Masking Tape, Gold Acrylic Paint, Newspaper, a Branch, Hollowed Out Eggs (I used a straight pin to make holes on each end then blew the egg out, leaving the shell).  Cut the newspaper into thin strips.  Yep, it's papier-mache time!


To make the birdie heads, crumple newspaper into a little ball


Use masking tape to secure the newspaper to your eggshell


Cut beak, wings and tail feather shapes out of cereal box cardboard


Use masking tape to attach the wings etc.  Dredge newspaper strips in Modge Podge/Glue Fixture.  Run newspaper strips through your fingers to remove excess Modge Podge.


After the bird dries, paint the birdies gold.  It may take up to three times to get good coverage


Here are my birdies!

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  1. wow! that’s gorgeous :) Thanks for stopping by I’m following you right back

  2. Awww… they turned out great!!

  3. Very cute! What a cool idea!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be linking up tomorrow and I’ve added your button to my linky list! :)

  5. Very cool Malia! I had to have Nick, my six year old take a look at it because he needs to make a 3d falcon for his diarama project at school and this just might work!

  6. very cute. thanks for the follow. right back at ya…. looking forward to reading more!

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  9. These are so fun! I love.

  10. Hi Malia, these are great. Hope you’ll drop by and share them on Craft Schooling Sunday, and consider this comment a thanks in advance! all the best, Sara

  11. I am in love with these sweet birdies…they tickle me pink! This is totally my kind of craft – one with stuff you already have and an amazing outcome!

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