Sweet Candy Witches

Hi All!  This is easy-peasy, quick and cute.  


1.  Small Hats:  These are from Joann's, $1.58 for a pack of 6

2.  Small Matching Pairs of Tootsie Rolls

3.  Licorice

4.  Tootsie Pops

5.  Halloween-ish Ribbon

6.  Raisin, Hot Tamales or Dot Boxes

Not picture:  A Glue Gun and Steak Knife or something sharp to make a small holes

 Snip about 1 1/2 inches from the Tootsie Pop Stick.  Make a little hole on the top of one of the boxes with a sharp knife and insert the Lollipop.

Use the glue gun to attach small tootsie pop "arms"


And "legs"

Dab glue around the inside rim of the hat and quickly attach it to the lollipop

  Candy 61:2

Tie a piece of riboon (approximately 5 inches) around the top of the lollipop stick


Make cuts into the licorice about a fourth of the way up.  This will be the witch's broom


Here are the "straw" parts of the broom.  Glue the licorice on the witch.

Cackle Cackle

Double Double

Toil and…


Now you probably won't want to eat this candy after witchy-fying it.  J

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  1. 1

    Julie M. says

    Oh my gosh! How incredibly cute is that!!? You are so creative Malia, I love it!

  2. 2
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  4. 4

    how darling, and SWEET! and CREATIVE! love them. Jen

  5. 5

    Tammy says

    I knew I should have bought those cute hats at Joann’s when I saw them. I had them in my hand and put them back because I am trying not to stockpile supplies. I should have known better!
    Thanks for sharing such a cute project!

  6. 6

    These are so stinkin’ cute! I love them!!!

  7. 7
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  9. 9

    Angel says

    i found your blog through Embellishing Life’s linky party. and i have to tell you: I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. you have filled it with the cutest ideas including the candy witches… how cute is that idea! now i am your newest follower!!!

  10. 10

    brittany says

    I would LOVE for you to link up this recipe over at my FINAL week of my halloween / fall linky party!!
    prizes are given for the TOP recipes!!!

  11. 11

    Katie says

    That is SO cute Malia! Great idea! Got your email this morning. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I got really sick over the weekend with a bad bout with the flu. Still not 100% and takin’ it easy, so while I don’t think I’ll be able to run out and get all the stuff I’d need for this. I’ll def. keep in mind for next year:)

  12. 12

    Eeek~ I love this! Your project is truly spooktacular!

  13. 13

    These are so clever, Malia! What a great idea!

  14. 14

    Jenny says

    Thanks for linking up at the Catwalk! So cute!

  15. 15

    Bill says

    Unbelievable. You are a godsend. I’m a single dad with 3 children learning how to run a household on the fly. Cooking and cleaning is one thing but coming up with ideas like these to do with the kids is great. Thank you so much I will enjoy following you.
    Single Dad’s Survival Guide

  16. 16

    CHRISTY says

    hey…these are really cute and i personally would love to find one at the bottom of my trick or treat bag!

  17. 17
  18. 18

    Peaches says

    Bookmarking for next year! What a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  19. 19

    Hi Malia, Thanks so much for sharing this adorable project on Craft Schooling Sunday. I’ve actually been wanting to do something similar for Purim….maybe this year now that you’ve inspired me! All the best, Sara

  20. 20

    Holly L says

    Could you be more clever! This is way better than the ghosts I make that I thought I was so clever doing! CUTE!

  21. 21

    Very creative work. Good for Halloween. A holiday treats for your kids and for other kids who will play trick or treats. I love it

  22. 22

    plumbing says

    Trick or treat. I always remember Halloween whenever I see such delicious candies. Your ideas are totally brilliant.

  23. 23

    party bags says

    very creative! Kids love to see something different with candies. I’m sure if they see those candy arts they would grab it instantly.