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Upcycled Organizers

 With a new year we get a fresh start to get our lives more organized. And if your organizers are free (and cute) it’s even better! This project uses castaways from your recycle bin and things you already have in your home.

Ideas for Supplies: Empty oatmeal, coffee or nut containers. An old sweater, scrapbook paper, contact paper or wallpaper. Doubled sided tape or strong multipurpose glue. Random embellishments including buttons and stickers. Number stickers and punches to make tags. Ribbon or twine. A ruler, and paper trimmer or scissors.

1. Rummage threw your recycling bin for some usable containers and clean them up. Gather your supplies, including a ripped, torn or too-small sweater

2. To wrap a tin in sweater material, measure the length you need to cover it and cut the cuff etc off one arm of the sweater using glue to secure. Embellish.

 3. To cover a container in scrapbook paper, measure the length of the space you need to cover and trim your paper to that size. Attach using double-sided tape or glue. Add thinner strips of coordinating paper or other embellishments.

4. To cover a small coffee tin, use contact paper or fabRips. Trim to size and gently stick on container, going slowly to prevent air bubbles

 5. Use paper punches to create tags and affix number stickers. Punch hole in tags and use twine to secure on container

 6. Fill your cute containers with stuff you need to keep handy

7. Congratulate yourself on a completing a fast, fun and free(!) project

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  1. kudos, thank you much for sharing! ;)

  2. Oh, your storage containers are adorable!! I, too, like to restyle vessels that would otherwise be trashed – you can find some great FREE craft structures that way. Thanks for sharing and for your lovely blog! Happy 2011!

  3. Great idea!

  4. very cute, i love using great containers from other things to keep organized!
    my current favorite thing was the champagne bottle from new years eve. I am totally using it for a flower vase in my new office!

  5. Oh wow! These are some really great ideas!

  6. You are very creative! Terrific organizers

  7. Cool! Thanks for sharing your great tips!
    Denise Kline

  8. LOVE it!

  9. So cute Malia, I love how you reused a sweater!

  10. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time… I even have a collection of empty containers just waiting for me! Thanks for the inspiration (a sweater?! Awesome!)

  11. Love these, Malia! Especially the sweater. Really cute.

  12. Very cute. I would never have thought of using a sweater.

  13. Really cute idea! This would be great in my kid’s craft area!

  14. I love these! Great job!

  15. I’d love for you to share this on my Organizing Mission Monday link party!

  16. I drink so many International Coffees each week and felt guilty about throwing the empty containers out. But not anymore – thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

  17. Great ideas, those are so cute!! I hope you will share this on my party today!

  18. Thanks for linking up today! Hope you’ll come back again :)

  19. I enjoyed reading your post. I starting a project to create a crafting center in a spare bedroom closet. Thanks for the ideas.

  20. Hi Malia, love these, especially the sweater version! Great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, and all the best!

  21. Adorable! I must share on my FB page!

  22. says:

    how cute I popped over from Metamorphis Monday ,and will definitley take a better look around it seems their is a lot to see.

  23. Oooh, so cute!! I’ve got a ton of this stuff that I’ve been saving up. Guess I need to get to it!

  24. I just stumbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did! These storage containers are great! And it looks like you have so many more fabulous ideas here!
    I’d love if you linked up any of your fabulous projects to my weekly ’round tuit’ party at:
    Hope you have a lovely week!

  25. I have to try one of these! I’ve been making baby pants from some unloved sweaters, and I now I have lots of scraps. I’ll have to make a few of these!
    I am so glad I found your blog, It has tons of cute things!

  26. I have so many of these containers set aside but have never tried the sweater idea. Love it!
    Here from TT&J…

  27. Hi, I featured your tutorial as a fave over at Vintage Pollyanna!

  28. These are SO. CUTE!! I am in serious need of some new organizing containers for my sewing room too. So, thanks for the awesome idea!
    Thanks so much for linking up last week! I hope you’ll stop by again today! :) I’ll be posting features soon…

  29. In case you missed it, I wanted to let you know that I featured you yesterday! :)

  30. Thank you for the inspiration. Visiting from easypeasy grandma.

  31. Hey! I recognize these…SUPER CUTE! These are so pretty and what a fabulous way to create something useful and beautiful.

  32. Popping in from Keeping it Simple, where you were featured tonight. I LOVE THIS & can’t wait to try it out :)

  33. just wanted to let you know I featured you today on
    Feel free to grab our “I WAS FEATURED” button!

  34. Super cute! I’ve just changed our bonus room into a craft/sewing room and I’m looking for ways to cutify my organizers in there. Love these ideas. And they don’t look that difficult, either.

  35. That’s a cute idea. I’ve had the big Nestle Quik plastic container sitting around, because I know it would be good for something.
    Happy SITS Day!

  36. Super cute, and frugal idea. I love it!

  37. your organizers turned out real cute….
    best of all they were “free”

  38. Those are so cute!

  39. Oh my gosh… love how simple, cheap, and cute this idea is. I am always looking for things to organize with!

  40. That’s very cute. I might give this a go for daughter’s room.

  41. What a cool idea! I really love the one you did w/ the nut tin :)

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