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 Do you feel it? Spring is coming! It really is. And that means spring cleaning. But we aren’t quite there yet. Luckily! Because NOW a great time to reevaluate where things are at in your home and think about what’s working and what isn’t… and start making some small changes.

7 FREE Home Organization Solutions - YoT #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

Getting organized doesn’t have to mean shelling out a bunch of money. Part of the fun of it is thinking about things you already have at home– either hanging out in your recyling bin or gathering dust in a cupboard and using them for something else.

 First, things that you can UPCYCLE…

Dish Soap ReVamp - YoT #dishsoap #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

1. Pretty Dish Soap Dispenser: For some reason, the area around my kitchen sink always looks a bit messy. Those plastic bottles of dish soap just aren’t visually appealing.

I have seen the Martha version of a decanting dishsoap into a glass bottle with a spout… but you know what works just as well? A soy sauce bottle. Because there is something special in that bottle besides the soy sauce.

Dish Soap ReVamp - YoT #dishsoap #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

Cool, right? So after you polish off that soy sauce, all you have to do is remove the stickers on the bottle, pop off the inner plastic piece and rinse out the bottle well. You can pretty up the outside of the bottle with something simple– I used some duck tape paper cut into a circle and letter stickers. Then fill er’ up with dishsoap, put that little piece of plastic back in place and presto… a pretty dish soap bottle for free!

The same little piece of plastic magic that prevents the soy sauce from pouring out keeps the dish soap from gushing out. SOY much fun!

DishDoggy Bag Dispenser - YoT #doggybags #petorganization #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

2. Doggy Bag Container: Since we adopted our little sweetie Sophie the Dog, she has brought so much love into our lives. We really enjoy playing with her and walking her. The only thing that isn’t always fun is searching around for a doggy bag as we are heading out the door (and Sophie is going crazy). To remedy the situation, I just snagged an empty discenfecting wipes container, removed the stickers, added some cute paper and felt stickers (using glue dots) and put some plastic bags from the grocery store inside. It was doggone simple and Sophie and her parents can always find a bag now!

Kid's UpCycled Creativity Kit - Dish Soap ReVamp - YoT #organizingkids #kidsartkit #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

3. Kid’s Creativity Kit: I originally made one of these kits for my daughter a few years ago… but she wore it out! That made me happy. We have a lot of floors to mop in our home and I go though many boxes of wet Swiffer Sweepers. Those bright blue plastic boxes are sturdy, deep and THEY HAVE LIDS!

What a perfect place to keep your kid’s art supplies organized at home or on the road. You can also fit baby food jars in the box, no problem. I used two baby food jars to hold beads and rubber stamps and was also able to fit three activity books, colored pencils, pipsqueaks (small markers), two stamp pads, plastic cord (for making jewelry), paper, scissors and washi tape… and IT WASN’T FULL!

Just remove the plastic band arond the box, rinse it out well and dry it and add some cute patterned paper and stickers (glue dots work well). If you are heading out on vacation for spring break, bring this Kid’s Creativity Kit along to keep the young ones busy.

UpCycled Watering Jug - YoT #milkjug #wateringcan #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

4. Watering Jug: Every time I would water a plant in the sink I’d be left with dirt in the sink! Finally I thought– why don’t use a watering can… or watering jug?

UpCycled Watering Jug - YoT #milkjug #wateringcan #organizing #freeorganizing #frugalorganizing #yesterdayontuesday

Instead of tossing that milk jug in the recycling, rinse it out. Remove the stickers (you can add duck tape paper to cute it up) and drill holes in the plastic lid. No more dirt messes!

So those are some upcycling ideas… now on to the REPURPOSING ideas.

Bracelet Organization - YoT #jewelryorganization #braceletorganization #bathroomorganization #yesterdayontuesday

5. Bracelet Organizer: Ah… the jewelry jangle. There’s usually a pile of jewelry on the counter in my bathroom and just looking at it makes me feel defeated. So how to get it organized? For bracelets, a paper towel holder does the trick. Just stack those bangles up and you’ll be able to see what you have… and no jangle!

Necklace Organization - YoT #jewelryorganization #necklaceorganization #bathroomorganization #yesterdayontuesday

6. Neat Necklaces: Do you have a banana holder? Do you use it? Mine was hiding in the back of a cabinet. Turns out it works great for keeping necklaces organized and tangle free. I’m bananas for it!

Jewelry Organization - YoT #jewelryorganization #bathroomorganization #yesterdayontuesday

6. Cute Catchall: When those muffin tins are past their prime, don’t pitch them. Give them a couple coats of spray paint and use them to corral jewelry. Bonus– the shallow tin fits nicely inside a drawer.

Jewelry Organization - YoT #earringorganization #jewelryorganization #bathroomorganization #yesterdayontuesday

7. Earring Organizer: Finally… get those earrings squared away in this ceramic egg tray. This has made my mornings MUCH easier since the earrings are actually together. Honestly, I only pull out the egg-related stuff around Easter… so why not put an egg tray/holder to use the rest of the year? It’s egg-citing to get stuff organized!

Do you have any awesome organizing tips to share? Tell me in the comments!

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    I love the Kid’s Creativity Kits! I’ve been impressed with our Swiffer mop containers, and you inspired me to keep them around a little longer ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

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