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Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

{Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar}

Valentines Day Craft
Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I tell my kids I love them many times a day… but it’s fun to show them too.
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #yesterdayontuesday
I really wanted to put together something special for my kids for Valentine’s Day to let them know how much they are loved. I have a pegboard that my Dad made me for show displays and I wanted to use up some of my Valentine’s stash so this was the perfect project. This is what I call a “kitchen sink craft”… I used Valentine-ish thing I had!
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar
These arrow clothespins are from the dollar bin at Target. Isn’t Targe’ the best!
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar
Wonderful washi tape in Valentine’s Day pink and red…
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #treatbags
Adorable bags by Whisker Graphics. Just the right size for holding
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #heart
White business-card sized cards from Paper Source.
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #washi
Playing with the supplies on hand, I came up with some “washi cards”…
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #stamps
Stamped cards…
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #heartpunches
Punched cards…
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar
And the final card stamped with “THE DATE.” I wrote something I loved about each of my kids on every card.
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar
I used punches, white and kraft cardstock, and stickers to embellish the outside of the envelopes. 
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar
All I needed was Glue Dots to secure the clothes pins to the pegboard. Glue Dots are pretty amazing!
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar
To add more fun to the board, I cut hearts out of cereal box cardboard and painted and glittered them.
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #yesterdayontuesday
Once again, Glue Dots came to my rescue! They work great on cardboard and wood.
Valentine Coundown Calendar - YoT #valentinesday #valentine #valentinecalendar #yesterdayontuesday
Happy Valentine’s Day, My Friends!
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  1. So so so cute! And I have NOT seen those adorable clothespins at Target. I feel like I’ve looked through there like 10 times. Maybe mine doesn’t have them. :-(

  2. This is super cute Malia!! I love all the little cute touches you added! And those clothespins! I have to look for those! :)

  3. Soooo cute! I made something similar for my hubby but I totally need to do this for my boys!

  4. This is great and you have put a lot of work into it, nice idea

  5. Just added those to my Target list for tomorrow. LOVE this…my girls and I will be making this, too!
    Glad I found your site…cute!

  6. Oh I love these and all the washi tape involved!

  7. Off to Target I go!

  8. what a super cute idea!

  9. Sooo pretty, Malia! I love this idea and it’s so cute! Those arrow clothes pins are darling! And you know I LOVE washi tape :)

  10. This is adorable and I’m in love with those arrow clothespins! I’ve neglected the target dollar bin lately. I’ll have to stop by tomorrow to show it some love and hunt for those clothes pins :)

  11. Way too cute!! I love the clothes pins!!

  12. So fun, and I love all your craft items, they look like they would be a blast to play with them all!!

  13. Love this countdown calendar! So very creative, so very pretty, and of course I love all of the glitter!

  14. So cute! I love the little pink and white striped bags!!

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