5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars

{5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars} 

 For me, the month of January means fresh starts and opportunities to streamline things around the house. When it comes to organizing, there’s no better tool than a glass jar… or two, or three or more! Here are some ideas for organizing with jars, perfect for your kitchen, desk and bathroom.

Organizing with Glass JarsAre you constantly digging around your desk area looking for some supplies for yourself or your kids? Simplify with this mobile Desk Organizer. It makes it easy for you or your kiddos to grab the supplies they need.

5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars

 Supplies: Wooden Caddy, Four Wide Mouth Mason Jars, Four “Show Toppers” by Cosmo Cricket (lids), scrapbook paper, tags, letter stickers and double sided tape.


Using double sided tape, cover the caddy with scrapbook paper.

Remove jar lids, fill up Mason Jars with supplies and replace lids with the “Show Toppers” lids.

Use letter stickers on tags to indicate what’s inside the jars.

Place in caddy and viola, your desk is organized.

Do you find yourself shaking in a ton of salt or pepper when you really just need a pinch? These Chalkboard Jars will solve that problem.

5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars

Supplies: Small Mason Jars, Paper Accents Chalkboard Vinyl, Bistro Chalk Marker in White, scissors.


Grab that salt and pepper, those spices or whatever you usually use to flavor your food (with a pinch not a shake)

Empty in to Mason Jars.

Using the inner lid as a guide, trace and cut out the circle shape.

Using the Bistro Marker to write what inside.

Store them in a drawer near your stove.

Is your creative space covered in small items that you aren’t sure how to store? Here’s a great remedy.

5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars

 Supplies: Grab a tiered plate tray and whatever small glass jars you have around the house. I used old Bonne Maman Jam and Jelly jars although Mason Jars or baby food jars would also work well.

Directions: Just fill the jars up with those small items and place on tray. Now everything is organized and you can easily see what you need.

Do you have a stacked candy jar that’s going unused? Repurpose it into a Bathroom Organizer!

5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars

 Supplies: Stacked candy jar and letter stickers.

Directions: Simply use the letter stickers to show what needs to go in each compartment. Fill them up and either stack them or if you have counter space, separate them and line them up for easy access.

Make entertaining a breeze with this rustic Utensil Caddy.

5 Fresh ideas for Organizing with Jars

Find the how-to’s for this Rustic Utensil Caddy on Hometalk or here.

Happy Organizing and remember to save those jars!

 Special thanks to Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.




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