Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Tips for Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Tips for getting your medicine cabinet organized and how to safely dispose of expired medicine from

It’s cold and flu season, peeps… the perfect time to organize that medicine cabinet! I am actually SUPER embarrassed about how mine looked until recently. Our medicine is kept in our kitchen. My strategy was to buy some medicine and shove it in the cupboard. Not the best plan. Plus I could never find anything, and when I did it was expired. So I decided to get organized!

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By the way, this post originally appeared on Uncommon Designs where I’m a contributor. This is another another edition of Home Tips & Tricks Tuesday here on the blog.

Tips for Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet #organizing

Back to the issue at hand. Our medicine bottle situation was one of those things that drove me NUTS. I just  never felt like I had time to get it organized properly. Then one day I couldn’t take it anymore. Here’s how I got things under control…

Medicine Cabinet  Bottles

Tips for Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

 Step1: Remove EVERYTHING from the cupboard.

Medicine Cabinet Labels

Step 2:Examine ALL of medicine labels to see if they are ok or expired.

Medicine Cabinet Disposing of Meds

Step 3: Chances are, you’ll have some medicine you need to get rid of safely. The safest way to is mix them with either coffee grounds or cat litter in a small sealed plastic bag. Then you can throw that sealed bag in the trash.

Medicine Cabinet Supplies

Step 4: Gather your organizational supplies. I picked up five wooden boxes at the craft store and picked up a chalk marker and chalkboard tags in the dollar bin at Target. Other ideas– kid’s shoe boxes instead of wooden bins and any kind of tag or label would be great. Even printing neatly on masking tape.

Medicine Cabinet Tags

Step 5: Organize the medicine etc. by what you use most. For my family, that was cold and allergy medicine, first aid supplies, pain relievers, suntan lotion and vitamins. Label the tags accordingly.

Medicine Cabinet Organized Meds

Step 6: Separate the medicine/bottles into the different groups.

Medicine Cabinet Organized

Step 7: Attach tags to the boxes

Medicine Cabinet

Step 8: Put the boxes back in the cabinet. Ta Da!

Now I LOVE opening that cupboard door and gazing at the organized medicines all neatly stowed in their own boxes. Aahhh…

Happy Organizing!



  1. Polly says

    Love the new organized medicine cabinet! Where did you find those boxes? I’d love do to the same thing to my medicine cabinet!


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