Cute Easter Decor Ideas

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Cute Easter Decor Ideas

Cute Easter Decor Ideas including a plastic easter egg wreath, yarn wrapped Easter eggs, bunny butt decor and more! Kid friendly crafts for Easter.

Here are some darling projects for Easter! All the craft supplies are available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond.

Bunny Butt Flower Pot, a cute craft and great place card idea for Easter. Fun kid's craft for Easter too!

Bunny Butt Flower Pot

Materials: Large pom pom in desired bunny color choice, White mini pom pom, Felt in desired bunny color choice, Pink felt, Mini terra cotta pot, Green paper shred, Scissors or die cut machine, Craft glue or glue gun/glue sticks, Mini chalkboard sign and white chalk pen

1. With scissors, cut bunny ears and feet out of your felt. Hint: For less freehand cutting, use die cut #B36 at our Die Cut Center. Just round the tips of the shape with your scissors for the feet.
2. Cut little bunny foot pads out of the pink felt. Hint: For less freehand cutting, use die cut #405 at our Die Cut Center.
3. Using craft glue or a glue gun, adhere a mini pom pom to the large pom pom. The mini pom pom is the bunny’s tail.
4. Glue the bunny foot pads to the feet. Glue the feet about a quarter inch below the tail.
5. Glue the ears onto the inside rim of the terra cotta pot.
6. Add some green paper shred to the terra cotta pot.
7. On the side of the pot that is opposite the ears, add a dab of glue to the inside rim, and place the bunny bum against it and on the shred. Press and hold in place until the glue grabs for a secure bond.
8. Now you have a bunny diving into a mini pot! For an extra touch, add a mini chalkboard sign and write an Easter message or a name to create a place setting at the dining table.

How to make a cute and colorful plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Plastic Egg Wreath

Materials: straw wreath form, approximately 60 plastic eggs, hot glue and wide ribbon with a wire.


1. Use hot glue to attach eggs to the wreath

2. Add the bow

DIY Clothespin Bunnies, a great Easter craft for kids!

Clothespin Bunnies

Materials: wooden clothespins, brightly colored acrylic paint, small googly eyes, colored pom poms, a black pen and craft glue.


1. Paint the clothespins

2. Draw the nose and mouth on the clothespins with a a black fine tip pen

3. Glue on eyes

4. Glue pom pom on for a tail on back

DIY Straw Easter Egg, a great Easter project for kids

Straw Egg Decor

Materials: 5 x 5 frame, scrapbook paper, cardboard cut into the shape of an egg, paper straws in various colors and craft glue.


1. Cut a pieces of scrapbook paper to 5 inches by 5 inches.

2. Use the die cut machine and egg die (at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond) to cut an egg shape out of cardboard.

3. Glue the straws on the egg and use scissors to trim the excess.

4. Glue the egg to the scrapbook paper.

5. Place the scrapbook paper in frame (remove the glass).

How to transform a plain wood box into a cute Bunny Basket

Bunny Hostess Gift

Materials: wooden box, pink and white acrylic paint and stickers. You can also add a pinwheel and faux flowers in a mason jar.


1. Paint the trim on the box white.

2. Paint the rest of the box pink.

3. Add stickers.

4. Add the pinwheel and mason jar.

Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Bunnies

Materials: wooden or cardboard eggs, white yarn, white felt for ears, a pink felt pen, googly eyes, a pink pom pom, black thread, scissors and craft glue.


1. Wrap egg with white yarn, securing with glue.

2. Cut ears from felt and color the inside pink. Cut feet from felt.

3. Adhere ears, eyes, pom pom nose and threat to egg.

4. Glue felt feet on.

How to make a cute Peeps flower arrangement for Easter

Peeps Flower Arrangement

 Materials: Low cylinder glass vase, small glass jar or vase (for flowers), two packages of jelly beans, three package of Peeps, faux flowers.

1. Place small glass jar or vase inside larger glass vessel.

2. Add jelly beans around smaller glass jar.

3. Add Peeps.

4. Add flowers.



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