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Cupcake Topper Christmas Ornaments

One to pin! 31 Handmade Christmas Ornament Ideas: Each day a different blogger shares their handmade ornament idea.

Cupcake Topper Christmas Ornaments Hi Friends! I'm downright jolly about kicking off this special month-long event, guaranteed to give you at least 31 fabulous Handmade Christmas Ornament Ideas. This exciting event was organized by my friend Diane from An Extraordinary Day. She's awesome. So I have an addiction to confess... I am addicted to buying cupcake toppers! If I see some cute ones at a bakery or store, I … [Read more...]

Flower Pot Projects for Every Season

Flower Pot Ideas

16 Flower Pot Projects for Every Season Flower Pots are some of my favorite things to work with because they're both budget-friendly and versatile. You can paint them, glue stuff on them, apply vinyl to them, distress them... and even put plants and flowers in them! Here's a collection of fifteen DIY things you can create with flower pots. Spring Just add paint and moss! These Distressed Mossy Pots come together … [Read more...]

10 Cool Snowman Crafts

Cool Snowman Ideas for decor, gifts and kids from

10 Cool Snowman Crafts Christmas may be a happy memory, but it's still wintertime and that means snow. Here are some fun ideas to celebrate one of the best things about snow-- building a snowman! #1 Recycle those glass jars into a Snowman Mason Jar. #2 You gotta love Olaf! Kids can create Olaf Art to enjoy all year around. #3 It's a little bit rustic and a lot cute: Sweet Snowman Decor. #4 Not just for a … [Read more...]

No Sew Snowman Scarf

No Sew Snowman Scarf great craft for kids from #scarf #snowman

No Sew Snowman Scarf I'm a big believer in kids making their own craft projects, that's why this No Sew Snowman Scarf is such a fun idea for winter. When kids create, it allows them to express themselves, practice their problem-solving skills and gives kids a sense of accomplishment. While a grownup should help with the ironing, the rest of this project is pretty kid-friendly. No Sew Snowman Scarf Supplies: dark … [Read more...]

New Year’s Gold Centerpiece

New Year's Gold Centerpiece and printable bottle labels from

New Year's Gold Centerpiece and Bottle Labels New Year's is a family-style holiday for me. We usually spend it with friends and all our kids. We eat, drink and laugh and the party is over by 9:30 or 10! Then I fall asleep on the couch and wake up in time to watch the ball drop in Times Square. This year I decided to do a little recycle/upcycle project for New Year's Eve... I made a centerpiece and my friend Printabelle … [Read more...]

Easy Wood Chalkboard

Make an Easy Wood Chalkboard perfect for holidays including Christmas, Valentine's Day and Fourth of July

Easy Wood Chalkboard I so enjoy making decor for my home. But like everyone, I'm short on time. That's why I am all about projects that can be repurposed. This Easy Wood Chalkboard fits the bill. Make it once (and it's so easy) and use it for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Fourth of July. Supplies: Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint, wood plaque, painters or masking tape and ribbon. First, add tape to the sides of the … [Read more...]

Fast Festive Garland

Create a fast festive garland for Christmas or any celebration

Fast Festive Garland You are going to love this because it's so quick and easy. It adds a pop of color to your home... anywhere you need it! Supplies: Rope, ribbon that's thick in width (this ribbon is 2 1/2 inches), scissors and hot glue. Step 1: Cut the ribbon into 6 1/2 inch long pieces then cut an inverted "V" in the end. Step 2: Fold 2 inches of ribbon over and add a dab of glue on either side. Step 3: … [Read more...]

7 Sweet Peppermint Treats

A collection of Sweet Peppermint Treats from Project Inspire{d} weekly link party

7 Sweet Peppermint Treats We've got 7 Sweet Peppermint Treats to share... PLUS some Peppermint Scrubs and Body Butter! Yes... we couldn't stop at seven peppermint ideas! DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub by Tabler Party of Two Make Peppermint Sugar Scrub by Living on the Cheap Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Cream Cookies by Up State Ramblings Vanilla Peppermint Body Butter by Robynsview Skinny Peppermint Meringue Kisses by … [Read more...]

DIY Scratch Pads

How to make DIY Scratch Pads for yourself or as a thoughtful gift idea from

DIY Scratch Pads My Dad is a very creative guy. I grew up spending a lot of time at his print shop. He'd make personalized stationary, scratch pads, business cards and more for big companies. And at Christmas, my Dad would also make scratch pads for his friends and family to give as gifts. As a child, I loved the smell of the ink, the feel of the paper and the "clink-whoosh" of the printing presses. Dad used to let me … [Read more...]

Faux Jadeite Ornaments

Get the look of vintage jadeite with these DIY Jadeite Ornaments from

DIY Faux Jadeite Ornaments I have been collecting  jadeite (or vintage green milk glass) for more than twenty years. I fell in love with the milky green color and have been smitten ever since. Over last two decades the price of jadeite has continued to go up while the supply has gone down. It's become pretty pricey. That's why I decided to make my own "jadeite" ornaments this year. Supplies: Clear glass ornaments, … [Read more...]