Happy Painted Easter Eggs

Decorated Easter Eggs

 Happy Painted Easter Eggs

Easter eggs will be in the spotlight soon. If you haven’t had a chance to decorate some eggs and you have plastic eggs in your stash– here’s an easy idea. These Happy Painted Easter Eggs will make you smile and add a pop of color to your Easter decor. Acrylic paint works well on plastic eggs so you can easily customize your Easter eggs.


Supplies: Plastic eggs, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, letter stamps, strips of canvas material, Stickles (liquid glitter). All of these supplies are readily available at craft stores. An egg carton is also very useful for drying the eggs.

First step– paint the plastic eggs.

Give the eggs a little time to dry and repeat (up to 4x).


Paint some Stickles on.

Only a dab then spread it all over the egg.

Everything will dry really fast.

Stamp some words on the canvas.

 Some happy sentiments I used: Tweet, Chirp, Cheep!, Swoon, Glee, Spring, Delight, Bloom, Grow and Fly. Cut out the words and glue them on the eggs with Modge Podge. That’s it!




 Another great things about using plastic (as opposed to real) Easter eggs is that you can use them again next year. For more Easy Easter egg decorating ideas click here.




  1. Jane Harrah says

    Cute Eggs and Happy Easter Malia. Missing the old style web site because I can’t always figure out how to comment! LOL….geting old > : o


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