7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

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Halloween Crafts

Detailed decor projects can be downright SCARY! Here are some simple Halloween decor ideas that you can easily create… some taking just minutes!

Spooky Cheesecloth Ghost

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

Materials: Cheesecloth, “Stiffy” Fabric Stiffener, styrofoam balls, wood dowels, large empty soda bottle, bowl, craft glue, scissors, googly eyes, wire or cardboard paper towel holder covered in plastic wrap. I’d also grab an old towel to protect your work surface. All craft materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames.


1. Insert the wood dowel into the styrofoam ball

2. Stick dowel, with ball on top, into your bottle. This keeps the dowel upright while working on it. 

3. If you want arms on your ghost, twist wire around dowel and extend out to the length and shape you want. OR wrap the cardboard paper towel holder in plastic wrap and  set aside.

4. Drape cheesecloth over your form to get an idea of how much you need. If you want the ghost to be tattered looking, cut the edges of the cheesecloth. Put cheesecloth into the bowl and saturate completely. Gently squeeze out excess. Do not wring.

5. Drape the cheesecloth over your form one layer at a time. Shape the folds the way you want them. If you decided to go the “paper towel roll” route for the arms, wedge the cardboard roll under the cheesecloth where desired.

6. Let it dry overnight. Add the “googly eyes” with craft glue.

Starry Night Pumpkin

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

Materials: A pumpkin, Americana acrylic paint in Black, DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint in Shimmering Silver Mrs. Grossman’s small and medium sized star stickers.

Instructions: Paint the pumpkin black (2 coats). Hand paint a sliver of a moon. Outline and paint it silver. Add star stickers.

 Pumpkin Candy Vases 

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

Materials: Orange Spray Paint in Pumpkin Orange, 3 Mason Jars (with a flat side), Martha Stewart Beverage Clings. Hershey Kisses, candy bars, masking tape, skewers and curling ribbon. All craft materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames.


1. Spray paint the jars. It works best to do many light coats of paint.

2. Add the clings

3. Fill up the jars with Hershey’s Kisses. Use making tape to tape candy bars to wooden skewers. Arrange in jars. Add curling ribbon.

Candy Corn Bunting

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

Materials: 4 Canvas Corp 12 x 12 Burlap Sheets, a die cut machine (or cardboard triangle patter, ruler, hole punch  and scissors) Delta Creative Cermacoat Acrylic Paint in White (2), Yellow and Bittersweet Orange, ruler and masking tape, Black Canvas Corp Cord. All craft materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames. Optional: use large plastic bags on your work surface to protect it and also to expedite painting.

1. If you purchase the burlap sheets at Ben Franklin, you can use there awesome die cut machine for free to cut 8 pennants (2 per sheet). The die cut even makes two holes on the top for hanging. If not, make yourself a cardboard template of a pennant measuring 7 x 10 x 10 inches. Then trace and cut 2 triangles from each sheet. Punch two holes on the 7 inch side for hanging later.

2. Paint the front of the pennants with white paint, let dry. Flip over and paint the backs, let dry.

3. Measure 2 inches from the top of the pennant and stick a piece of masking tape underneath. Repeat on all pennants. Paint that top portion yellow and let dry. Note: My inclination was to make 3 equal sections of yellow, orange and white, but if you look at real candy corn, the orange section is the main part.

4. After orange section is dry, measure a 4 inch section underneath it, tape it off and paint it orange. Repeat on all pennants. Let dry.

5. String cord through holes and hang.

Candy Corn Frame

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

 Materials: Sierra Pacific Crafts  5 x 7 inch bordered frame, 1 bag of candy corn and glue dots. All craft materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames.

Instructions: Remove frame and mat. Use glue dots to adhere candy to mat.

Monster Wreath

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

 Materials: Black Faux Fur (18 x 28 inches), foam wreath form, scissors, straight pins, yard stick, white chalk, and Darice Felties Eyeballs stickers. All craft materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames.


1. Flip the fur over and measure and draw lines (on the long side of the fur) every 3 inches.

2. Cut the fur into strips.

3. Wrap the fur strips around the foam wreath form, securing with straight pins.

4. Add eyeball stickers.

Spooky Candles 

7 Simple Halloween Decor Ideas

 Materials: Candles of differing heights, googly eyes, craft glue, glitter foam, Halloween themed paper punch or scissors, Duck Tape Glow in the Dark stickers. All craft materials available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames.


1. To make the “googly eyes” candy, simply glue on the eyes

2. To make the glow in the dark candle, just stick the glow in the dark stickers on it.

3. To make the jack-o-lantern candle, punch or cut the shapes out and stick on candles. As always, burning candles should always be supervised by an adult.



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      Thanks Shannah! I was wanting to make a furry wreath for a long time… must be the Monsters University influence! xo


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