Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

I love this time of the year as we get ready for the 4th of July! So you can imagine my excitement about to joining 109 other bloggers to create the ULTIMATE Red White and Blue Roundup! This is the motherlode of AMAZING patriotic projects!

Patriotic Mason Jars

Ultimate Red White and Blue Roundup

Here’s a tutorial for my project: Patriotic Mason Jar Vases:

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Vases


DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

Mason Jars, Mod Podge, a star punch, white tissue paper, red and white Duck Tape paper, and acrylic paint in red, white and blue, scissors and paintbrushes.

Patriotic Vases Paint

Step 1: Paint the Mason Jars

Patriotic Vases Stars

Step 2: Punch stars out of the tissue paper

Patriotic Vases Stars 2

Step 3: Paint Mod Podge on the back of the stars and place on blue Mason Jar

Patriotic Vases Stars 4

Step 4: After you get all the stars where you want them, put a light coat of Mod Podge ON TOP of the stars. Let it try.

Patriotic Vases Duck Tape

Step 5: Cut 3 Duck Tape sheets of each color into 1/2 inch strips.

Patriotic Vases Stripes

Step 6: Place strips on the Mason Jars (red on white and white on red).

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Vases

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  1. Crystal says

    You are the mason jar queen!! I love it!! So cute with the stripes and stars! Thanks so much for the awesome idea!! Pinned :)

    • Malia says

      Thank you Sherry! It’s wonderful to meet you! I hope you and your family have a great Father’s Day!


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