Reindeer Mason Jar

{Reindeer Mason Jar}

Mason Jar Craft

Hi Friends… well I have to admit that I’m fully in the holiday zone these days. My kids ended up having a snow day on Friday (no school!) so we jump started the holiday break with fun in the snow. We’ve also made Christmas cookies and gone out to a holiday breakfast with my mother-in-law. And I went holiday shopping with my mom. Lots of fun times already! Anyway, I wanted to share this Reindeer Mason Jar craft… because it’s super cute, simple and quick!

Mason Jar Craft

Supplies: Mason Jar, candle holder, brown spray paint, 1 light brown pipe cleaner, googly eyes, red pom pom, E-6000 glue, hot glue and a pencil. 

Mason Jar Craft

 Spray paint the Mason Jar, Mason Jar parts and candlestick holder. 

Mason Jar Craft

 Use E-6000 to adhere the Mason Jar to the candlestick holder. Let it sit. I like to let it dry overnight but I’m a nervous nellie. 

Mason Jar Craft

 Use a pencil to twist either side of the pipe cleaner.

Mason Jar Craft

 Adhere the pipe cleaner to the jar with hot glue.

Mason Jar Craft

You can also use hot glue to add the eyes and the pom pom nose. 

Mason Jar Craft

 Isn’t he adorable? At my house this little reindeer is hanging out with his friend “Snowman Mason Jar.”

Snowman Mason Jar Craft

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