Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

{Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars}

Glass jars are so versatile! Here’s how you can make a charming utensil caddy with Mason Jars to keep your silverware or plasticware organized.

Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

 This is a great project if you enjoy entertaining… or if you suddenly find yourself with a bunch of people to feed at the last minute. This will also come in handy when barbeque season arrives!

Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

 Supplies: Wooden box, Martha Stewart Crafts Letter Stencils, Americana acrylic paint in Burnt Umber and Snow (Titanium) White, three wide mouth Mason Jars. Supplies from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Redmond.

Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

 Paint the box with Burnt Umber. One coat works well for the rustic look.

Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

Place the self-adhesive stencils where you’d like them and paint them white. The lettering on this box reads “Smith Kitchen Est. 2007.” 

Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

 Let the paint dry. Add the wide mouth Mason Jars and silverware… or plasticware!

Utensil Caddy with Mason Jars

 Enjoy your new organizer!

Special thanks to Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond.



    • Malia says

      Thanks Cindy. The idea is from my favorite local crafts store (Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames Redmond)… I love it too! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a fabulous week.

  1. Mike H says

    I’m having a hard time tracking down the box for this project. Any idea what the name or model number is?


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