10 Smart Uses for Clear Nail Polish

10 Smart Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Uses for Clear Nail Polish

 We all have a bottle of clear nail polish hiding in a bathroom drawer or cupboard. Don’t save it for the top coat only. There are many other cool things you can do with it! Think of it as a liquid laminator, a good stand in for glue (dab only), a great fabric protector and a way to keep rust at bay. This is part of my new series, Home Tips & Tricks Tuesday.

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OK let’s get to those tips for ways to use clear nail polish.

Tips for Using Clear Nail Polish

 Uses for Clear Nail Polish

1. Paint a metal pet tag with clear nail polish to prevent rust.

Uses for Clear Nail Polish

2. If a gem falls out of your faux jewelry, a dab of clear polish on the back will help keep it in place.


3. Tired of losing tiny buttons? Brush some  some on the front of the button and it won’t come off!

Ripped Nylons

4. Paint some clear nail polish on your nylons at the first sign of a run to stop it in it’s tracks.


5.  A tiny bit of this see through substance on the end of a thread makes getting it through a needle a snap!

Plant Markers

6. The titles on your plant markets will last much longer of you add a few coats of polish to them.


7. A touch of this bathroom drawer staple on a finished lego or model project can keep it in pristine condition.

Glitter Globe

8. Add a coat around the inside rim of a homemade glitter globe/snow globe to keep it sealed.


9. Dip the end of your shoelaces in the polish bottle to keep laces nice and neat.

Stop Fraying on Doll Dresses

 10. Fix a doll dress disaster with a light coat of clear nail polish on the area that’s starting to come apart.

Uses for Clear Nail Polish

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  1. Crystal says

    Great tips!! I had no idea on most of these. I knew only the one with pantyhose. My dog’s tags are already rusted, but we need to get them new ones which I will definitely use this trick! Thanks so much!!

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